In Tuesday’s Bump Club, Sam Walker sits in for Tony Livesey and will be discussing age and pregnancy. Second-time mum-to-be Rachel, 42, will be in the studio. Here's her story:

    Pregnant at 42 wasn't exactly part of my life plan when I was a dreamy 20-something, contemplating my life ahead. However, the course of true love didn't run as smoothly as those former years anticipated that it should.

    Luckily my knight in shining armour appeared in my mid-30s and so here I am; married with a two and a half year old with a second (and final) baby on the way.

    To be a first time mum at 39 was exciting and the 'older mum' stigma didn't really kick in. I was so thrilled at the prospect of being a mummy that nothing else mattered.

    Three years on, having trodden a rocky road in order to get here, this time my mood is a lot more pensive and fragile.

    Why do I feel more anxious and cautious second time around? The reason for my trepidation is because having been blessed with one perfect child later on in life, I feel that the risks are even higher this time around. What if my selfish wish to give my daughter a sibling regardless of my older age means that my offspring suffers the effects? I pray daily that we are lucky enough to have a healthy, happy baby to complete our precious family.

    Statistics show that age carries risks, but those risks are well worth testing if it means experiencing a new life and all the joys that this brings. I am fit and healthy and age is just a number right? So here's to 42 being the new 24; older mums being the norm for the future.

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