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The end of the silly season (that never was)

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Chris Mason Chris Mason | 13:56 UK time, Monday, 5 September 2011

London skyline

Traditionally, this week marks the end of what journalists call the 'silly season.'

Suddenly, there aren't as many cases of that tell-tale sign the person you're trying to get hold of is on the beach: the foreign dial tone.

Suddenly, there is more stuff popping into my email inbox, and there are more people around to chat to.

Suddenly, the biggest news factory in the country, Westminster, is cranking back into life. It is great to be back.

Not that summer 2011 was typical. One extraordinary news story followed another, at home and abroad. It was a privilege to report for 5 live on the phone-hacking scandal and the closure of the News of the World; the terrible events in Norway; the riots in England and their political aftermath.

Despite a busy summer though, the intensity of debate steps up in September.

It is my job at 5 live to take my journalistic compass bearing from Westminster and plug into what's going on here, but cover politics - with a small 'p' - wherever it might be happening around the UK. There is loads to look into, and I am always up for hearing from you about what I should be covering. Leave your thoughts below my scribbles here, or you can reach me via Twitter - @ChrisMasonBBC.

Coming up just this week we have MPs beginning their inquest into the riots, with senior politicians and police officers.

Four former senior News of the World staff will also be taking questions in Parliament on the phone-hacking scandal.

I am working on an investigation for 5 live Breakfast on how easy - or difficult - it is to see your MP. I hope to look into library closures, the planning system in England, a shake up that could see a cull in the number of MPs and plenty of other stuff too.

And I haven't even mention the party conferences, which also start soon. There is a lot going on and I'm looking forward to getting stuck in.

Chris Mason is 5 live's political reporter



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