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The Benefits of Filming Radio Programmes

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Nigel Smith Nigel Smith | 06:00 UK time, Friday, 25 March 2011

Mark Kermode, filmed in the 5 live studio

Last week in the Independent Jane Thynne wrote a thoughtful piece about BBC radio programmes that you can watch online.

At 5 live we've been video streaming a variety of our programmes for some time. You can see them by clicking the 'Watch live' link on the homepage. As her article shows, Jane is a fan; she writes that, "Seeing radio broadcasters interact adds another dimension to the politician's evasion or the celebrity's confession. There's a relaxed intimacy to radio on screen, an unguarded quality, which seems to bring out the best in people."

Jane praises some of our presenters in particular: "Mark Kermode, for example, gives a magnificently gesticulating performance on 5 live's Kermode and Mayo's Film Review, which is so much more expressive than his more restrained TV appearances... Richard Bacon and his guests look far matier than pure radio reveals."

I asked Jane what prompted her to write the article and she replied that, "This idea first occurred to me properly when I was watching a recent episode of Richard Bacon interviewing Sarah Brown and found it was far more interesting and telling to observe Richard's guests than just listen to them. It gave an extra dimension, and an added drama to the occasion."

The main reason we film 5 live programmes is to further engage listeners with our output. Do you agree that it adds a welcome "extra dimension"? If so I'd be interested to know which programmes you enjoy watching and whether there are programmes that we don't currently stream that you'd like to watch online.

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