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Hasit Shah | 15:28 UK time, Monday, 31 January 2011

Best Bits

Late last year, we gave the 5 live homepage a slight facelift, and changed the way people navigate around the site. The major change was the Best Bits section, where, as the name hopefully makes completely clear, you can hear clips and watch videos featuring some of the best content from 5 live.

We have a few rules of thumb that we try to follow when we're deciding what clips to use.

First, the material is slected by the people who actually make the shows, as they're in the best position to judge what's good, and they have access to the relevant audience response. Sometimes we get a load of texts asking to play something again, and now, we're in a position to do so. The 5 live Interactive team then edit and publish these clips to the website.

The clip itself should be a great bit of radio that's unique to this station, so it doesn't have to be the biggest interview or part of the most important story (although it can be both of those). We ask ourselves two questions: is it worth hearing again and again? Is it unique to 5 live? If the answer to both of these is 'yes', it's worth putting up.

Recently, two of the most popular clips have featured Peter Allen, who, according to the Guardian and Wikipedia, turns 65 today. His birthday is actually on Friday - 4 February.

One of the clips was from Richard Bacon's show. He had Dermot O'Leary in, and the X Factor and Radio 2 presenter confessed he was a bit nervous about bumping into Peter. You can watch their meeting here.

Another is Peter's interview with a 93-year-old man who's recently reunited with his wife after being apart for 50 years. It's well worth listening to how it ends.

We hope that short clips like this raise awareness of 5 live and what we do. For instance someone who can't listen to the start of Drive and isn't inclined to listen to a three-hour programme on iPlayer can easily hear a short clip from the programme.

Short clips can be passed around the web, using the various social media, and we get lots of comments about clips on Facebook. For existing listeners, it's an easily navigable selection of funny/interesting/informative moments.

It'd be useful to hear what people think. Are there any 5 live best bits that we've missed? Of course, we can also pass on your birthday wishes to Mr Allen. On Friday.

Hasit Shah is a senior producer at Radio 5 live


  • Comment number 1.

    Hasit slightly of-topic is it possible you can have a section with snippets of classic commentary moments,there are plenty of best bits i can think of,right back to when Jonathan Pearce was at 5live,some of his commentary moments were legendary including describing a goal in a Carling Cup tie.

    I found this clip amusing,where Alan Green cuts of Pat Murphy who was trying to crack a joke!!


  • Comment number 2.

    This is off topic probably,but it is addressed to the management of these blogs - 5 live staff.
    You don't have to take the cheek and the insolence that you get on these threads from certain posters. You are not public servants.
    You don't have to account for what you do in your work, anymore than any other employee.
    Tell the posters who try it on, where they get off.
    The BBC is not a government department. It has operational independence, as other nationalised industries have - such as the Bank of England.
    Don't take any more lip from these posters. Let them try it on with Talk Sport. This is not addressed to anyone on this thread.at the moment There is only one post at present (post no. 1) , which is polite.
    Radio5 live is not a punch-bag for people don't like the station and don't listen to it. OK?

  • Comment number 3.

    coreze, aren't you the contributor who used to crop up on the now defunct Victoria Derbyshire blogs proclaiming that you hadn't got a tv licence but chose to criticise those who fork out nearly £150 a year for just having an opinion and being concerned about the dumbed down direction of 5live ? Please don't patronize listeners who have every right to complain when they are paying towards the coffers of the BBC.Personally I hardly ever tune in to 5live now after being a very loyal and dedicated listener for many years.There is a certain standard of radio I do expect from the BBC but unfortunately 5live has not only lost me, it has recently consistently failed to deliver the quality this station used to be reknowned for in presenting skills and daytime broadcasting.

  • Comment number 4.

    What has 1 and 2 got to do with Best Bits for goodness sake?

  • Comment number 5.

    Ironically, when closing a section to more comments, especially one called Fancy a chat?, you are cutting communication to anyone who reads the blog of any opinion and persuasion, so of course you will get fewer people commenting in the end.

    Roll on the Rajars, although I am sure you are practising excuses as I write.

  • Comment number 6.

    I don't know carrie but there seems to be a bit of typical 5live schadenfreude going on according to Fedsters link/clip.

  • Comment number 7.

    Coreze have you been drinking or just another 5 Live ringer?

  • Comment number 8.

    The best bits are easy to find. Just link to Rhod Sharp's Up All Night. Consistently the Best Bits of 5Live.

  • Comment number 9.

    "First, the material is slected by the people who actually make the shows, as they're in the best position to judge what's good, and they have access to the relevant audience response."

    That is exactly the problem. Having a person from the Bacon programme phone in section "Help!" to choose the best bit from a programme he or a colleague has fixed using a ringer................????? Does that give you confidence about many of your programmes? Even you will have to admit Hasit, that alot of your programmes would never make the Best Bits criteria.

    As ryanw says,the best and most neglected programme that never gets anything quoted or repeated during the day is UAN. Rhod Sharp is the best presenter on the station because he is a proper journalist and obviously takes some pride in his work.

  • Comment number 10.

    Hello, all,
    It is useless to communicate directly with these complainers. They have a sharp tongue but no case to put. All they can do is be offensive.
    My message was directed to the nagement[- stand up to these people. Don't let them push you around. They are just loiterers outside the stations target. They shout yah boo all the time. You cannot reason with them.
    However this is the case that you the Controller or manager should put.
    "This is what you might call a mission statement. First we'll start with respect - respect for you, you may not be listeners but you may write on our web sites. Second - respect from you for the people who work for the radio station. Without that we can't go any further.
    Third some of you seem to say that the station's news output has deteriorated. It is difficult to deal with that criticism, without something to compare it with - memories can prove false. You can compare 5 live news output with any other station. Here is something to compare it with.
    Take other news outlets such as BBC News 24, Sky News, CNN and there are many more you find through the internet. How does 5 live's news output compare? Well, all these other outlets are 100 perc cent news stations. 5 live is only 50 per cent a news station.
    That is the difference. 5live exists in a category of its own. If your interests are that of 100 per cent news fanatic, then 5 live is not for you, and never has been. Sport plays an equal part at 5 live, perhaps even more than equal if one includes 5 live sports extra. There are specialist sports stations such as sky sports, for specialist sports fans, but as you see there is a considerable amount of what we hope is quality sport, brought to you specialist commentators who are there on the spot.
    The same, in a way, can be said for the news coverage. News coverage is expensive and thanks to the resources of the BBC which is shared with other channels, we can offer specialist correspondents,and on the spot reporting.
    There are other sources of news. Especially the internet nowadays. We do not claim that our news is definitive or the last word that can possibly be said, but our presentation is such it fits with our sports journalism, is always suject to interruption when important sports events occur.
    In short 5 live is in a category of its own with a combination of sports and news coverage.
    So that is the mission statement."

  • Comment number 11.

    @Fedster - A lot of the most memorable moments on 5 live have been commentary. Unfortunately for rights reasons it is very difficult to make snippets available online after broadcast.

  • Comment number 12.

    I am sorry coreze but if that was a mission statement the station would close down. Up All Night is a very good example of how the station used to approach news. It still exists in its almost original state.

    There is a sports factor but it nowhere states it is 50% of the station, thank goodness. I am a sports fan but the world it is covering is diminishing. For example today, the only thing on the sports news for hours was football transfers completed. Life goes on in Formula One, rugby internationals and racing but you wouldn't know it.

    Rhod presents many aspects of world news with the correspondents on the ground giving an almost 'From our own Correspondents' type piece. During the day the news just flits in order to give way to "Help!" or George Riley making jokes, or Shelagh and Nicky bantering.

    It is a light entertainment and sports channel now. Wake up to Money and Rhod Sharp are pretty well the only serious programmes on during the week, and having just begun to listen to Nolan once more, he did a very good job covering in depth the deteriorating situation in Egypt. The light side of the station is just too trivial and celebrity led, or given over to providing free publicity to new books, films or comedians full of themselves.

  • Comment number 13.

    coreze, I think you are giving the game away a little when you refer in your last paragraph to ' our news ' and ' our presentation ' and ' our sports journalism '.Just what is your connection to the BBC and why are you so averse and defensive about listeners who pay for the corporation ( and you don't ) having a different point of view to your own ?As I say I rarely listen to 5live now mainly due to the over the top egotistical and nauseating presenters on the daytime schedule.If I want loud mouthed opinionated presenters I will search out Talksport but as the BBC/5live is supposed to be impartial I expect to receive a much higher standard and balance in broadcasting than it has at present.If all the presenters aspired to the same standard as Rhod Sharp and didn't seek to be the centre of attention all the time, I would have no cause to complain.

  • Comment number 14.

    "If I want loud mouthed opinionated presenters I will search out Talksport." Binkie, you are so right. But a little nearer to home did you catch 5 Live between 9 and 10.30pm Monday evening? Testesterone fuelled totally male reporting of the worst kind. Reminiscent of Gray and Keys.

    People out of control (Mark Chapman be ashamed) thinking they were being funny with some pathetic scouse 'comedian' on. It was dire. Just dire.

    And coreze wonders why we complain.

  • Comment number 15.

    Fortunately I didn't hear this Jackstumps but I think a major problem has developed at the BBC where they see themselves as competing with all aspects of Talksport.This competition has dragged 5live down to a very low and loutish level.5live could easily reinvent itself as a higher based alternative.From what little a hear many of the presenters see themselves as low grade stand up comedians complete with coarse language and and egged on by a regular army of giggling sycophants.

  • Comment number 16.

    How pathetic is it when, posters use the BBC Mole argument as soon as someone defends 5live, Binkine do you work for talkSPORT by any chance? Your constant sniping to do with all things 5live, makes me wonder whether you are working for the competiton.

    The facts remain, that 5live goes from strength to strength, with ever increasing listners tuning in, as well as Bacon et al proving to be extremly popular, if you whingers want something that is not dumbed down, why dont you turn to Radio 4 or some other Medium, to satisy your lust for "serious" journalism.

  • Comment number 17.

    Fedster, you said... "5live goes from strength to strength, with ever increasing listners tuning in" ... the facts actually are that...

    The loss of 7% of the audience in Q3 2010 (the last release) was the worse quarterly result for 5Live for 21 surveys or five years (Sept 2005-Sept 2010).

    It seems that you've been taken in my the propaganda, just as you may have also thought that there are no planted calls or messages on 5Live, which I notice incidently has not been addressed my Nigel here.

    Carrie, have you had a reply yet to your compliant? Did you email AVK or David Jordan directly?

    The reality is many of the comments here are subjective, personal taste.

    I certainly don't like the dumbing down of the station, the devaluing of proper journalism and quality broadcasting (Rhod Sharp cannot get enough praise in my opinion). So it's thumbs down from me on any qualitative scale.

    Quantatively the station is also sliding by any objective measure. A massive slide of 7% of share in the last rajar release (the worst for FIVE years) would seem to suggest that Carrie and I aren't the only ones who think this.

  • Comment number 18.

    ^ Apologies for the typos. There needs to be an EDIT option Nigel!

  • Comment number 19.

    @ryanw - I posted a response about that matter this morning >> http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/5live/2011/01/with-the-british-cycling-team.shtml

  • Comment number 20.

    No reply yet but I realise I sent it to the main complaint place which takes a while. These excuses aren't really believable I am afraid. Otherwise the Blue Peter defence would have been accepted.

  • Comment number 21.

    Thanks Nigel, sorry I missed your response.

    It looks _VERY_ dodgy.

    I'm glad it won't happen again. It was a clear misjudgement.

    Nigel, when will we see any UAN items on the Best Bits? Not only is Rhod's show consistently the best on 5Live it will have the lowest listenership given the time it is broadcast.

    Take the Outriders segement from this (Tuesday) morning at 3am for example... great insights and intelligent radio.

    Forget all of Bacon's banal bits. Could you please make sure Rhod get the recognition he deserves on the best bits.

  • Comment number 22.

    Well, unfortunately I have been out and unable to participate.
    You know there was a thread about Shelagh Fogarty's leaving but she's staying at 5 live and that had the participation of new posters or at least not regular posters. I felt humble reading it.. These posters knew and cared about their station. There were some criticisms and some praise. I who have listened to the station for years could n't be in their class with their freshness of approach. Also on that thread were the regulars the complainers, one of whom called Binkie Huckaback addressed the board manager Nigel Smith, and said that the presence of these new posters shows that the regulars are not discouraging new people, as Mr.Smith had claimed. This was post 54.
    Sadly it seems only too obvious the regular posters do monopolise the posts and new posters are not frequent
    Why should this be? Well imagine you have a business and outside are some people in a group loitering and making sneering comments about the business. As a customer, this is discouraging. As a person running the business, say, called 5 live you want these people moved on Who would n't? Get the police - public nuisance, harassment? what?. These nuisance loiters know their rights "Don't touch, us free speech, the business should accept criticism."
    So you want these people moved. What is their motivation They don't care about the business. It does n't supply what they want. Why are they wasting their time They have said what they want. They want a chat room supplied by 5 live so that can get together and grumble about 5live and a few other things - the country is going downhill, that sort of thing. They had this on the 5 live message boards. In other words they abused the message boards.
    You want rid of these people. How? It is simple.
    There is a saying "use it or lose it". This applies to post offices not much used and which are closed down Here is way to get rid of this gang of sneerers who are on these blogs. Simply close down the comment section of the blog.It is not being used much except by the gang of people who want their chat room
    There you are, Nigel Smith. That is what to do.

  • Comment number 23.

    Fedster...' Binkine ( ? ) do you work for Talksport at all ? Your constant sniping of all things 5live makes me wonder if you are working for the competition ? '
    Wrong on both counts I'm afraid old son.You really do need to read my posts properly before jumping in.I did say that TS has ' loud mouthed opinionated presenters ' ( post 13 ) and I am always ringing the praises of Rhod Sharp and the UAN team ( post 13 again ) if you care to take the trouble of getting your facts correct first before asking such stupid questions ? I'm just an ex 5live daytime listener with an opinion.If thats ok ? However much it riles you ?

  • Comment number 24.

    I don't think I have insulted coreze but some of these posts, nothing whatsoever to do with 5 Live, are really annoying me.

    Getting back to the station's Best Bits, it would be good if listeners could also suggest pieces to put on it. Any chance if there is a way to have a suggestion thread? By the very definition those contributing would be positive, which will please coreze no end.

  • Comment number 25.

    I've tried but if anyone could decipher post 22 for me it would be very much appreciated.

  • Comment number 26.

    Its a bit hypocrytical for you Carrie to moan about other people going of-topic when your posts 5,12,AND 20 are nothing to do with the subject of the blog!!

    I agree with coreze,this blog should be shut down,Nigel mentioned that the station board was closed because it only had 50 unique posters per week,i think this blog must have 10 unique posters a week,with 98% of those posters being cynical to the extreme.

  • Comment number 27.

    I agree that the blog should be closed down too. In fact the whole 5Live website should be AND all the interactive team should be sacked saving us thousands.

    It is clear that there is no interest in fostering a real debate here.

    The tone of the communication from the licensee fee payers has nothing to do with the reasons it should be closed. The website should be closed because the station seems to be keen to dilute the investment made in the site by pushing content to other sites before the 5Live website and refuses to engage with listeners meaningfully here prefering instead 140 character of Twitter.

    iplayer can be used for the clips and vanity projects like the live video broadcast of the banal Bacon show can also come from iplayer.

    Game over. The money wasted on the website and its staff can then be reinvested in quality programming, something that 5Live is in desperate need of.

  • Comment number 28.

    A magnificent idea carrie about bloggers suggesting the best bits.More interaction with listeners to relieve the obvious widening gap is just what is called for. Trouble is most of them would come from the Up All Night programme.Dotun does a fantastic literary/book section on monday mornings.Absolutely brilliant and I have learned so much.Trust 5live to put it on at 2.00 am.Quality radio.I suppose the 5live bods running the station must think putting a book section on in the daytime would be far too intellectual and all listeners basically want to hear is about X factor or some pathetic awards ceremony run by the TV Times.Anyway good suggestion carrie lets see how Nigel, coreze and others feel about it.If someone could help me out with post 22 again I would appreciate it.I think I saw my name mentioned somewhere down the the line but then I started getting a headache.Well done carrie for getting us all back on topic.No point in closing blogs down when there are bright ideas for 5live management to feed off.

  • Comment number 29.

    Post 26: but Fed you love it don't you, eh?

    As for coreze, I think a career in self published novels beckons.

  • Comment number 30.

    TV presenters Fiona Phillips and Julia Bradbury are reported to be the frontrunners to take over from Shelagh Fogarty on BBC Radio 5 Live breakfast.


    I remember when Phillips covered for Mayo she was dire.

  • Comment number 31.

    Coreze don’t you think your longwinded patronising comments that you have posted several times in recent days will put new posters joining the discussion? Only positive comments should be allowed in your view? The Shelagh Fogarty's leaving post that you refer to if you read the comments most of them are actually critical about Bacon’s programme. Maybe some of the new posters on that have not posted again because their comments were not acknowledged by 5 Live and consider it pointless?

    Fedster now you say the blog should be closed, you have changed your tune from recent comments you made suggesting content. Closing it would mean there would not be any platform to comment on or ask questions. OK most comments are ignored by the station but some do get a response, Nigel did follow up the question about callers to Bacon's Help.

  • Comment number 32.

    Cheers for the link Dom.

    Fiona Phillips a frontrunner ? Its totally unbelievable.I actually heard her when she stood in for Mayo and I agree with your comment.Lets start a blog about the new morning presenter now.Cynic ? Who's a cynic ? Not me.This is gossip column dynamite !

  • Comment number 33.

    If that pseudo Eengleesh is meant to fool everyone in some of the other posts we are all doomed anyway on here.

    By the way, things get off topic because we are dependent on being given an up to date subject to comment on - whatever posts one and two are about they are not about Best Bits so don't accuse me Fedster.

    Fiona Phillips - another Labour luvvie who will not get on for any length of time with Nicky. She won't be able to move to Salford either, will she, as she apparently looks after her extended family and young children which is why she gave up the TV programme.

  • Comment number 34.

    Hasit,nevermind people who make the shows choosing the best bits, the listener is a far better judge.In fact I would like to nominate Rhod Sharps first class interview with the guy who has written a book about Herman Melville, the author of Moby Dick and which was broadcast last night.Not so much for the content but as a prime example of how an interview should be conducted.Outstanding radio and as usual the ' best bits ' broadcast on 5live, in the middle of the night !!

  • Comment number 35.

    @carrie - it's definitely a good idea for listeners to suggest the best bits we should clip on the website and hopefully on a future release of the Best Bits page we could add a simple suggestion form. In the meantime perhaps we could do a weekly Best Bits round-up on the blog and solicit suggestions here. Note also that there is already a fair amount of stuff from Up All Night in Best Bits.

    @Fedster - I think it would be a loss if the blog closed. Granted, not everything works, but I stand by what I wrote in my first post here and I think there's still an opportunity to enage with 5 live programme makers and presenters. I don't think it's fair to compare the blog and message boards. While number of comments is certainly a useful way to measure success the vast majority of people read blogs for the content of the posts rather than to comment or read the comments. Believe it or not, despite there only being a relatively small number of people who leave comments here, thousands read the 5 live blog each week.

  • Comment number 36.

    Perhaps if thousands of people read the blog but don't comment. They don't like what they see?

  • Comment number 37.

    Thanks Nigel.


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