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Family Week: your secrets

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Catherine Norman | 12:30 UK time, Thursday, 9 December 2010

Tomorrow is the final day of 5 live's Family Week and we're talking about secrets.

A staggering 2,000 listeners told us their secrets through the family survey on the 5 live website and we'll be talking to some of them throughout the day.

Breakfast will be speaking to a woman who had to tell her children their dad is gay, and also to someone who's never told their mum they've managed to find out who their real dad is.

Victoria will be talking to a man who's had a child with his sister-in-law, and no-one knows about this. There's also a woman whose parents lied about her birthday because they were ashamed she was born before they were married.

We also want you to hear your family secrets during the day so text us on 85058.

It might be something serious: perhaps you've given a baby up for adoption, or you don't know who your dad is. It could be more trivial: maybe you hate your mum's cooking but you daren't tell her. Or you've told your parents you're working at Christmas so you don't have to visit them. Whatever it is, think of Friday as a day of confessions.

If you're worried about us using your name, please don't be. Just let us know and we can keep it anonymous.

We will also be anonymously sharing family secrets via the 5 live Twitter account. You can follow us @bbc5live or look for the hash tag #familysecrets. As always, all 5 live's tweets are visible on the 5 live homepage.

If you want to unburden yourself now, do leave a comment below.



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