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A new weekend schedule for 5 live

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Adrian Van-Klaveren Adrian Van-Klaveren | 18:40 UK time, Tuesday, 8 June 2010


We're making some changes to 5 live's weekend evening schedule in September. We're trying to make our programmes more distinctive and to give more specific reasons for tuning in at those times.

The new line-up will be:

Sports Report within 5 live Sport will run regularly for a full hour from 1700 until 1800. This will let us give a full round-up of the day and showcase our sports reporting. Then:

1800 6-0-6 (right after the news and sport): back at its most logical time of bang on 6.06, a new two hour Saturday version presented by Mark Chapman and Robbie Savage. Robbie's already had a great impact for us in what he's done so far; he'll still be playing for Derby County next season so on many Saturdays he'll be joining us just an hour or so after the game.

2000-2200 A new Saturday night news and lifestyle programme. We'll pilot in the next few weeks before deciding the presenter, final format and title but as well as the day's main news we're looking at how we cover things like technology, communications and travel. We want to be able to develop new specialist contributors and to give another chance to hear some of 5 live's best audio from the past seven days.

On Sundays the schedule will be:

1800 6-0-6: Alan Green changes days to present the Sunday night edition of Britain's most listened-to football phone-in.

1900 Pienaar's Politics: John Pienaar with a new agenda-setting Sunday evening political programme.

2000 Weekend Money (not necessarily the final title): Declan Curry with key interviews and topical discussion from the business world.

2100 5 live Investigates: a new sound for our weekly current affairs programme which places a premium on original stories and hard-hitting interviews. We'll confirm the presenter over the next few weeks.

So a lot of changes here with three brand new programmes and big changes to 6-0-6 and the current affairs hour. Invevitably this means that certain programmes will finish - in particular Weekend News which has been a foundation of weekend evenings on 5 live. Spoony's seven year run of presenting 606 comes to an end but he'll still be with us making a series of one-off documentary and interview-based programmes and Donal Macintyre leaves us after successfully establishing the Sunday evening current affairs programme - I'd like to thank him for all he's done for 5 live.

We're aiming to have the new line-up fully on air by early September - I hope you enjoy what you hear.

Adrian Van Klaveren is Controller of BBC Radio 5 live


  • Comment number 1.

    what's happened to Gab then? Savage is a good guy a real laugh but really couldn't you've waited till his contract expired with Derby?
    Don't we listen to too much of Green on the commentary side don't you think Adrian? Most people find him insufferable. why not bring Izzy Clarke back to co-host with Chapman?
    do you honestly think Savage will give a better analysis than Marcotti?

  • Comment number 2.

    This sounds promising. Think I will probably be tuning in more at the weekends when the changes are made.

  • Comment number 3.

    This looks good. There must be some mistake though, Colin Murray isn't hosting.

    Like the looks of Weekend Money with Declan, Wake Up to Money is great too.

    Like the Politics hour too.

    Good changes.

  • Comment number 4.

    This is much more like it .

    I find anything to do with Alan Green,Spoony or Robbie Savage a total turn off but well done otherwise.

  • Comment number 5.

    I applaud the use of John Pienaar who is the consumate pro. Personally I'd have him on a regular weekday slot where he gets more prominence.

    Ryanw - you raised my hopes that Murray may be on his bike ... but unlikely. Eleanor O is so much better but the guy who drafted Bacon's contract was seemingly involved with Murray and Logan negotiations ... i.e "however bad you are, you'll get a gig" 'cos we aint got anyone else.

    Shame really but the new ideas show promise.

  • Comment number 6.

    Is that the intelligent and articulate Robbie Savage? At least we've lost Spoony and his mangling of the English language plus his total bias to Liverpool FC.
    606 was best the season Jonathan Pearce presented it accompanied by a respected journalist, such as Henry Winter.
    However, the other changes look to be an improvement.


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