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Day 360: What a year it has been...

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Stephen Marsh Stephen Marsh | 09:00 UK time, Monday, 26 December 2011

Distance travelled ~ 924'600'000 km

23 Degrees is coming to an end, but what a journey it has been and what a year.

Coming into this project we didn't have any expectations, well I didn't anyway. I think we all appreciate that it's hard to predict the weather. The most extreme tornadoes in the US mid West, huge cyclones like Yasi hitting Australia, record snows in the US and the UK. Our mission when we set out on 3rd january 2011 (the day of Perihelion) was to tell the story of Earth's annual journey around the Sun.

So what has this year's weather shown us?. That's a really difficult question.

Making 23 Degrees has had a huge impact on me, I have learnt how our climate and our weather is all generated by our orbit around the Sun. It's all interconnected. It really does feel like a huge single organism where everything is linked to create our extraordinary world. I have always liked James Lovelock's idea of Gaia, the Earth as a single organism and seeing how land , sea and atmosphere all interact powered by the Sun has made me want to look into Gaia more.

It has been a real privilege to work on this series and get a glimpse of our incredible planet's annual journey. I just hope we humans step closer to more action in limiting the affects we have on our climate.

It would be great to hear which weather events of 2011 stand out for you?

(Keep updated - The series will transmit early 2012)


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