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Day 298 Severe weather watch: Cat 2 hurricane Rina intensifying

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Dave Britton – Met Office | 12:30 UK time, Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Distance travelled ~ 765'461'600 km

GOES 13 IR hurricane Rina

Image courtesy of Naval Research Laboratory

Over the Americas:

• A large area of low pressure will track eastwards through the Bering Sea and Alaska towards Nunavut in Canada from Sunday through to Thursday, bringing very wet and windy conditions, particularly to the more populated southern/western seaboard of Alaska and Canada.

• Hurricane Rina, Category two, is moving slowly at 3mph northwest over the western Caribbean - Belize, the east coast of the Yucatan Peninsula and adjacent Islands should monitor the progress of Rina. A hurricane watch is in effect for the east coast of the Yucatan Peninsula from north of Punta Gruesa to Cancun.

According to the National Hurricane Centre additional strengthening seems likely until increasing south-southwesterly shear halts the intensification process which is expected to occur in about 48 hours.

• A second area moving into the eastern Caribbean into the new working week, tracking eastwards past Venezuela before likely losing its impetus by Thursday.

• A deep area of low pressure is forecast to bring very heavy rain and strong winds to Uruguay and southern Brazil during the middle of the week.

Across Europe:

surface pressure forecast 25 oct

• Systems of low pressure near the UK will bring unseasonably wet and windy weather to Morocco, Iberia, Biscay and the UK at the start of the week.

• Further heavy rain from a second low pressure system is expected to affect Iberia midweek.

• High pressure is expected to dominate the weather across eastern Europe, bringing increasingly cool conditions to the Black Sea and Caucasus.

Across Asia:

• Cool and windy conditions should affect northeastern China at the start of the week. Moving westwards into Vietnam and Laos over the next few days, bringing further heavy rain to these regions.

Across Australasia:

• Significantly warmer and wetter than average over New South Wales and Victoria at the start of the week, with heavy rain and strong winds later affecting the South Island of New Zealand during Monday.

• Very heavy rain is likely to push into Western Australia around Perth from the Indian Ocean around midweek.

Across Africa:

• Becoming warm or very warm for the time of year over southeastern Africa, particularly Mozambique and Madagascar, whilst in contrast Namibia and the Cape region of South Africa should see cooler than average weather.


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