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Day 277 severe weather watch: Atlantic depressions and tropical storm Nalgae

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Dave Britton – Met Office | 13:30 UK time, Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Distance travelled ~ 710'146'400 km

Across Europe:
• A marked change in the weather is expected across the UK and much of northern Europe this week as the high pressure gives way and allows Atlantic depressions to bring much more unsettled weather in from the northwest. Ophelia is now a post-tropical storm and is expected to be swept up in to a normal autumn Atlantic depression. This area of depression is forecast to bring gales to parts of the North and West of the UK on Wednesday and Thursday. So it is not Ophelia that is bringing the wind and rain.

• Many parts of England and Wales can expect a drop in temperature of between 10 and 15 degrees by Friday compared to last week with severe gales for a time affecting the northwest of Scotland for a time on Wednesday and Thursday.

Over the Americas:
• High pressure looks set to bring much drier weather to the northeast USA during the week. The area has been experiencing unsettled conditions recently but the weather is expected to improve through the week, with dry conditions dominating by the end of the week.

• Pacific fronts are set to bring some early season rain and snow to the west of the USA during the week. An active cold front is expected to arrive Tuesday night into early Wednesday with rain and high mountain snow becoming widespread throughout the region. Rain may make it as far south as Southern California by midweek. Gusty winds will accompany the storm and temperatures will drop off dramatically as the week goes on.

• Some heavy tropical downpours are expected across northern coastal areas of Brazil, through the Guyanas to Venezuela in the first parts of the week.

Across Asia:

Minimal tropical storm Nalgae

minimal tropical storm nalgae

• Nalgae is bringing torrential rains and winds of up to 56mph to south China as it makes landfall over Hainan island. Nalgae will continue to move westwards into Vietnam and Laos over the next few days, bringing heavy rain to these regions.


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