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Day 42: The 23 Degrees Team Buzz of the Week

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Aira Idris Aira Idris | 16:46 UK time, Friday, 11 February 2011

d ~ 108'057'600 km in Earth's orbit

We are 42 days into our journey around the Sun and already so much has taken place. Every step of the way the 23 Degrees team will be charting the progress of the Earth's orbit around the Sun. We orbit inside the atmosphere of the Sun so the impact of space weather on our planet is also of particular interest to us. As part of the process we will be providing regular roundups on the conversations on the blogosphere, YouTube and Twitter. What have you been talking about this week?

Mexico hit by record freeze

Winter perks - Sun dogs and Star trails

Oklahoma's coldest morning on record

Mixed Messages: Tantrums of an angry Sun

The Sun in Stereo - Two perspectives

For us the top story this week has been the three dimensional images captured by NASA's Solar TErrestrial RElations Observatory (STEREO) satellites giving us a full 360 view of the Sun. This new 3 dimensional view will be of huge significance to scientists' better understanding of solar physics and therefore improve space weather forecasting.

What has made an impact on you this week?

For some winter is slowly winding down - and the arrival of spring is a hot topic, or has spring already sprung? BBC Nature UK has been keeping their eyes peeled and Twitter is full of 'spring has arrived' tweets. What signs of spring have you spotted?


  • Comment number 1.

    The weather has been pretty changeable here (in Glasgow) lately, with lots of rain and wind being dominant. However, today has been really pleasant, with just a little rain early in the morning, but the sky cleared to give a nice taste of spring to come.

    I've noticed snowdrops in a lot of places, and as I'm typing this at 17.43, it's only just starting to get dark, so spring doesn't feel too far away now.

    We usually get a late flurry of snow in February or March, so no doubt today's weather is just a bit of calm before the storm.

  • Comment number 2.

    Hi John
    Spring does seem to be nearing and down here in London the Sun is shining. Snowdrops are common around this time of year and another flower to look out for that usually arrives early are Primroses...


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