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Gemma | 16:16 UK time, Sunday, 11 April 2010

It's a Sunday and my first day of no travelling, no filming, no radio gassing in three whole weeks. But I'm enthused to write a blog about Snowbombing.. A festival I was lucky enough to go to for work last week, it's in the mountains of Mayerhofen, Austria. It was too much fun and very surreal for someone who scowls at any suggestion of Skiing / snowboarding and thinks that they are really afraid of heights! Get yourself up a mountain as soon as possible if you relate to any of the above. Special thanks too Mistajam for providing an off-duty dance-athon one night where he was spinning some tunes (Highlight: Rude Boy remix).

One day we drove two and half hours, took two cable cars 6ft up to watch Annie do her thang.


Picture taken by Danny North.

Back to Breakfast, full of mountain tales and excited about music.

Gem Xxx

Can I ski though?



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