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Gemma | 08:48 UK time, Thursday, 25 March 2010

glasto08edit.jpg"BRING RAIN COME!" Glastonbury 2008.


Some say there are way tooooo many festivals in the country these days. Others like me begin to salivate with excitement!

A festival is no longer a fixed term, spending five or so days in a yurt and singing songs around a fire is a cracking and traditional example yet now a day in a city park can also count as a festy experience (perfect the likes of Glasto virgin Trevor Nelson!).

For those that need easing in gently...........

R1 Big Weekend
May 22nd & 23rd 2010

The first to kick off a summer of rocking and rolling, headliners still to be confirmed (I've heard rumours around the office and they are BIG!!!)...

The best thing about R1 Big weekend is not only that live music abundant or that all the 1xtra and R1 DJ's running around too.... it's FREE!!!!

Where: It's happening in Bangor - North Wales... details to come on this very show, in coming weeks as to how get your tickets.

Florence & the machine at R1 Big weekend 2009.


For those who seek something legendary...

JUNE 23rd - 27th 2010

I can honestly, hand on heart tell you that if you love music, you'll find a way to enjoy Glasto. It's flipping huge for starters, a sea of tents and happenings that is apparently as big as the city of Bath! Whether you want to learn circus skills drink herbal teas and discuss how to save the planet or simply get mashed and watch some gigantic headliners then it's got it all.

Rumours include Stevie Wonder, Kanye West & U2 have confirmed.

It all happens in the Eavis' family's garden in Somerset this year it's in it's 40th anniversary., tickets are already sold out - BUT cancelled tickets will be release for sale on Sunday 11th April.

My best Glasto memory: Can't decide whether it was being a backing dancer to Kate Nash dressed as a skeleton on the pyramid stage or watching Jay Z tear it up on the same stage the next evening! Or stumbling across a naked sauna tent.


For those looking for an alternative to Glastonbury

Hard rock Calling
JUNE 25th to 27th June (same weekend as Glasto)...

I've never been before. But this years confirmed line-up looks pretty flipping iconic. Especially if you're afraid of muddy hippies... Stevie's going to be celebrating his 60th birthday there on the Saturday with Jamiroquai, James Morrison and Corinne Bailey Rae.

It's all happening in Hyde Park - Pre sale tickets go in sale in the next half hour...

Here are some more to choose from too (click on links for more details!):

Wireless is going to be BIG this year! Jay Z, Mr Hudson, et all.
T in the Park - One word : Eminem.
Secret Garden Party: Bohemian dream.
Latitude - For the hi brow folk that like theatre & reading.
Bestival: The finale of the season, go to get fancily dressed and wasted. Click here for an example of the type of outfits too expect!

Oh & if you're under 18 the Underage festival is extraordinary! You're not even allowed in if you're abouve 18 & the line up is wicked!

Gem Xxxxxx

What r ya thoughts?..


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