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Clothes Show Live: IN VOGUE

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Gemma | 16:18 UK time, Saturday, 5 December 2009


During the summer I had a 'moment' a Vogue 'moment'... I was snapped at Glastonbury, with no idea that it would actually end up in Vogue mag...

Of course I was mighty chuffed, but obviously to cool to admit it. Whilst at The Clothes Show Live, I spotted an excellent stand adorned with garlands of flowers that you place on your head and live a hippy dream look at Arabella no.3 in my style post, on the stand they had a press cutting from Vogue... it only happened to be the very page that I was blummin well on, but the garland people had scanned it in and cut off my head...!

Overall my 24 hours in Birmingham for the Clothes Show Live was intensely hectic, as you can probably tell by all the blog posts! I made the discovery that it's official, girls are quite literally obsessed with clothes and I don't think that's ever gonna
change, ever."

Check out all the amazing pictures here

and more fantastic catwalk pics here!

Gem Xx

P.S Sequins to take over the world!


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