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Written in the stars

Gemma | 08:41 UK time, Wednesday, 7 October 2009

I was distracted by my horoscope (Pisces) in this morning's newspaper research because for once I felt that I was given some direction in what can quite often be a bit too mystical... This is what the last line read..

'Single? A new partner has your favourite name. You may meet in a Newsagents'.

This led me to read Trev's (Capricorn) and this line stood out..

'The moon is visiting your prize chart to add luckto Lottery tickets and bigo games'.

And so, I nipped out of the show to find my true love and at the same time by Trev a lottery ticket...


We'll find out on the Breakfast show tomorrow whether he won or not!?... So...

Seeing as the last time I popped out the show, with Amy from our time we managed to pull I was feeling hopefull. But despite hanging out for as long as possible, the only good looking person under the age of 50 that came by the shop was R1's Fearne Cotton... Unexpected but maybe it's written in the stars?




  • Comment number 1.

    awww Gem you look like a smurf in a rain coat with a fro in those erm tights? . . . Fro-Smurf. . . did you find Mr Lover Lover Smurf? you & Trev are the best things to wake upto! hope he's started cleaning his nails


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