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Gemma | 19:04 UK time, Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Another London Fashion Week has come to an end. A climax has been reached, as I mop my sweaty, ravaged brow, I try to write you my synopsis that doesn't go on forever and ever. Because though fashion week only lasts a few days (not even a full week) the one that just passed was the 25th anniversary of LFW. Trust me, I feel like I've aged 25 years too...

Firstly take a look at the schedule and you can maybe try to understand how hectic life really is around this time... (btw, the schedule doesn't include the parties, presentations, exhibitions and general media scrum)...

Had tickets for Sass & Bide and Aminaka Wilmont, *BUT* other commitments led me down the path of fashion guilt and I didn't make either of the shows that day. I was especially tormented by not going too Aminaka Wilmont because I watched the design duo win the 'Fashion Fringe' (a prestigious and fierce competition for upcoming designers, chaired by Donatella Versace) back in September fashion week 2007 and I have been a dedicated follower ever since. Then I saw these leggings online from Sass & Bide show and I anxiously bit my finger because I wanted them so much.


So the guilt of not attending on Friday, awoke me bright and early, and ready for a fashion onslaught armoured with leather jacket designed by Gemma Slack, High waisted Vivienne Westwood trousers, and some spice girlesque gigantic platforms from Terry de Havilland's 90's archive, I arrived at the Royal Festival Hall on London's Southbank with well turned out girlfriend's in tow for 'Blow Presents'. An Off Schedule show (Off schedule = mainly newer designers, independantly funded), showcasing a selection of designers full of promise and future. I proceeded to be slightly nauseated by the genius of 'hair innovator/ stylist / designer' , Charlie Le Mindu, for goodness. sake..


The steel pointy boob action of Gemma Slack's new collection, had my friend and I stroking chins and wondering whether Fifth Element had been an inspiration...


If I'm honest i'm in a mad rush, but to find out about a workshop that I ran with some fashionable kids and how Erin O' Connor rocked the rest of my afternoon that Saturday plus why was I shaking when I woke up on Sunday, I lost my camera, got kicked off the front row and had a moment of desperation with the gorgeous Luisa de Paula buying director of one of the biggest online fashion retailers and the rest of my fashion week shennigans... Then you'll have to wait till Monday when i'm back at work and recovered (I'm back on the breakfast show with Trev from Monday)!

BASICALLY to be ct'd...

In the meantime click on all the links... above, PLUS is the idea of ill and under fed models freaks you the hell out then please click on this one too.. It's quite reveloutionary for the fashion industry right now!

Gem Xx

P.S I'm popping into Jo Whiley's brand new weekend show to take part in a feature called 'Top of the Shops' this Saturday 26th Sept around 1.20pm if ya interested in more LFW goss...


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