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Gemma | 10:44 UK time, Thursday, 30 July 2009

Inspired by a few words of Wisdom from Dame Vivienne Westwood, I decided to start a mini reveloution on the 1Xtra Breakfast Show this morning!

Test That Thursday (TTT) was a chance for us to re-ignite the love for something that was hanging lankly and lonely in our wardrobe, or swaddled in tissue paper in a dark box under our beds. You know the type of thing, something that you'd bought and never worn and let fester, all the while as a society we guiltily hand over pennies for more stuff.

Crazy Shoes and Trevs Yellow Jumper

Trevor rocked his lemon yellow jumper. Result: Found inner confidence for wearing yellow and will be wearing it in the future.

Amy clip clopped in tutti frutti (unworn ever before) kitten heels. Result: Decided shoes with strawberries bring smiles to the workplace.

Julie graced the studio in (also unworn ever before) sexy, fur-lined numbers. Result: Wolf whistles all around the building and a very envious me.

I gave my trainers a chance, i had chosen the colours of these but someone had put me off them by describing them as "a dog's dinner". Result: I appreciate their individuality and starting to like the idea of wearing trainers more often.

What about you? email - Title the email - TTT.

Gem Xx



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