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Gemma | 10:26 UK time, Monday, 27 July 2009


I'll let you into a secret, now that the show is done and dusted I can officially reveal that I only had about 3 hours sleep last night becuase I was travelling back from Camp Bestival for quite a few hours (Dorset to London - with tired people who do things like leave their phone at a service station - yes it was me)... Had a glorious weekend though, you know the type that warms your heart and makes you want to dance with a stranger.

To shield tired eyes, I decided to flex my newly purchased specs, they are the fake type that hipsters wear to pretend they are geek chic. Haven't tried them out before in fear of looking too try hard (oh except for when I was in New York - Says it all really!)... BUT couldn't resist when I saw a pair in the sale. My conclusion is is that psychologically I felt more intellegent, which can't be a bad thing in the work place and I'm sure that Trevor was taking me more seriously, in amongst continual comparisons to the mixed raced guy in Ch4's 'IT Crowd'!

Happy Monday everyone...
If you have some time to kill and want to be distracted below are some links to some of most favourite Breakfast blog entries from zi past.

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Gem Xx

P.S Listen again to today's show and scroll to 2hours 40mins to see why some random Bengal cat had us laughing so much that we could hardly do radio professionally.


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