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Exclusive: The Nelson Skank video!

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Producer Carla Producer Carla | 15:07 UK time, Friday, 31 July 2009

What's up peeps, it's Carla from the Web team here at 1Xtra.

The Nelson Skank is becoming THE tune to dance to this Summer!

So I got together with Gem, we roped in a few celebs plus the 1Xtra DJs and family and we made this video so you guys can learn to dance the Nelson Skank!

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We caught nuff jokes making this, so why don't you have a go? We'd love to see you dancing the Nelson Skank. Send your videos to: and we'll put the best ones on here.

(If you're under 16, I'm afraid you'll need your parents permission before we can put your video on the site. If you see a video of yourself and you didn't send it in, email us to have it removed.)

Big thanks to everyone involved including Trev and Gem, Sean Paul, Chris Moyles, JLS, KIG, Gracious K, Eddie Kadi, Rampage, Target, Ace & Vis, G Child, Davina OG, Twin B, Uche, Levi Roots, Billy and the Facilities team, the 1X ladies and all the 1X family!


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Gemma | 10:44 UK time, Thursday, 30 July 2009

Inspired by a few words of Wisdom from Dame Vivienne Westwood, I decided to start a mini reveloution on the 1Xtra Breakfast Show this morning!

Test That Thursday (TTT) was a chance for us to re-ignite the love for something that was hanging lankly and lonely in our wardrobe, or swaddled in tissue paper in a dark box under our beds. You know the type of thing, something that you'd bought and never worn and let fester, all the while as a society we guiltily hand over pennies for more stuff.

Crazy Shoes and Trevs Yellow Jumper

Trevor rocked his lemon yellow jumper. Result: Found inner confidence for wearing yellow and will be wearing it in the future.

Amy clip clopped in tutti frutti (unworn ever before) kitten heels. Result: Decided shoes with strawberries bring smiles to the workplace.

Julie graced the studio in (also unworn ever before) sexy, fur-lined numbers. Result: Wolf whistles all around the building and a very envious me.

I gave my trainers a chance, i had chosen the colours of these but someone had put me off them by describing them as "a dog's dinner". Result: I appreciate their individuality and starting to like the idea of wearing trainers more often.

What about you? email - Title the email - TTT.

Gem Xx

Trev's Domestic Bliss....

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Trevor Nelson Trevor Nelson | 11:05 UK time, Wednesday, 29 July 2009

I haven't baked a cake since fairy cakes at school so yesterday's show I decided it was time. After consulting with the 1Xtra listeners I went with my fave : Eve's Pudding.

Cooking apples on the stove

Trevs Cooking Apples

and one hour later...



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Gemma | 10:26 UK time, Monday, 27 July 2009


I'll let you into a secret, now that the show is done and dusted I can officially reveal that I only had about 3 hours sleep last night becuase I was travelling back from Camp Bestival for quite a few hours (Dorset to London - with tired people who do things like leave their phone at a service station - yes it was me)... Had a glorious weekend though, you know the type that warms your heart and makes you want to dance with a stranger.

To shield tired eyes, I decided to flex my newly purchased specs, they are the fake type that hipsters wear to pretend they are geek chic. Haven't tried them out before in fear of looking too try hard (oh except for when I was in New York - Says it all really!)... BUT couldn't resist when I saw a pair in the sale. My conclusion is is that psychologically I felt more intellegent, which can't be a bad thing in the work place and I'm sure that Trevor was taking me more seriously, in amongst continual comparisons to the mixed raced guy in Ch4's 'IT Crowd'!

Happy Monday everyone...
If you have some time to kill and want to be distracted below are some links to some of most favourite Breakfast blog entries from zi past.

Falling in love with Bashy.

Dev's letter of DVB.

Breakfast boogien to Ting Tings with Target in a top hat!

THAT Duffy ad.... reworked!

Gem Xx

P.S Listen again to today's show and scroll to 2hours 40mins to see why some random Bengal cat had us laughing so much that we could hardly do radio professionally.

Hotel Mum : The Controversy!

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Producer Julie | 10:37 UK time, Friday, 24 July 2009

Trev revealed on the show this morning that 1 in 3 men under 40 still live at home with mum!

We had a crazy response from you the listener - here are some of the best comments....

i am a mum n although my boy is only 16 he can cook, clean, iron, changed lights in my car, fitted shower hose, mows the lawns, hangs out and gets in the washing.

Hi guys, im 26 and female i moved out at 18 moved house 6 times and now livin back wiv mum :) i do all my washin cookin cleanin etc. My fella also left home at 17 not by choice tho, he's 34 n still livin on his own so i suppose it depends on how your parents bring you up with regards to independance. kel coventry xx

I am 24 year old boy still live at home. I get to go out every weekend. My mates moved out and a poor at home. Plenty of time for that when i am 30.

I've got a friend who is 50 & still living at home!

Im 19 and my boyfriend is 20 my son is 1 and we moved in with my man 2 months ago and its like having 2 children. I'm always cleaning up after him, washing up, making dinner, doing the washing and I even make him a pack lunch for work. I don't know what he done before but at least we aint living with his mum lol from becka

I'm a girl and I loved living at home! Its nice living with my parents. I live with my boyfriend now but wouldn't mind if my mum came round and cooked/cleaned for a bit! Alicia

Im 19 and will not be leaving home untill i find a replacement for my mum! Lee

Check Friday Breakfast for more on this, and find out why Mark Ronson is in an awkward position.


Get fit for summer - reggae reggae stylee

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Producer Julie | 11:13 UK time, Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Mr Reggae Reggae Sauce Levi Roots popped into the show this week and brought this lovely lady to demonstrate his "Reggae Reggae Workout"

To if you want to get in shape for summer hols or just fancy seeing Trev get down low here ya go... (you need to watch right to the end to see Trev)

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PS Props to newsreader Duncan Crawford wining up his waist with Gem!

Can Trevor Bring Sexy Back To Cricket

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Producer Janine | 14:34 UK time, Friday, 17 July 2009

Trevor packed his sarnies and went to watch England play the Aussies at the home of cricket, Lords. Trevor tries to make cricket 'sexy' and explains why the Ashes are so important to Aussie & English cricket fans.

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Ne-yo Judges The Sing Off

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Producer Janine | 12:34 UK time, Friday, 17 July 2009

Ne-yo judges as Trevor & Gemma ruin his tune

Mr Vegas dub and ZENA!!!

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Gemma | 11:42 UK time, Friday, 17 July 2009

Thank you Mr Vegas... This is what keeps me going in the morning..

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If the truth be told he did Nelson one first and forgot to put me in... So he felt bad..
But it doesn't take away from how happy it makes me!

We had a surprise guest in the studio today, Ex breakfast presenter Zena dropped in, Mr Nelson looked like he wanted to cry when he saw her, Look at the pic he thinks he's so special


It was lovely seeing Zena today, we just went for a proper 'girls' catch up and sipped on some hot chocolate just now. She honestly looked and seemed serene, happy and in love. We knew each other before I started the brekkie show and It's a lot to do with her that I'm doing this job... Big respect for Zena. She made me want to get married and move to America... Hmmm just need to find a footballer husband now.

Check out Zena's blog. She looks buff tings btw.

This is how Zena and I met if ya interested?

What I like to get up too in my spare time...

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Gemma | 11:43 UK time, Thursday, 16 July 2009

p>Slackin on the blog.. So put together another one of my fancy collage's...(Okay so they're not that fancy, but it takes me a little while to do)..

There is a girl called Laura Dockrill (the nuts looking girl in the yellow below!) who is a spoken word artist and launched her second book at the age of 23, herself and her friends were pretty astounded so she put on a big celebration at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on The Southbank in London. As the book is called 'Ugly Shy Girl' she called the event... 'Ugly Shy Girls'... and chose some acts to play that she loved and asked me to be the compere. So I put on a sparkly dress....


It was suuuch a special evening and I wanted to share it with you...
Can you spot the following?
Musical comedienne Brigitte Aphrodite?
The back of my head?
Kate Nash sound checking?
Singing duo - Peggy Sue?

That is my way of urging you to link click to your heart's content...

Gem Xx

P.S Cos she's so flippin good, they asked Laura to go on Women's hour on BBC Radio 4 too...

Pictures originally taken by Marissa Cox.

Need some fresh fashion ideas...?

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Producer Julie | 11:21 UK time, Friday, 10 July 2009

Gem's Festival Fashion

T In The Park and the NASS Festivals are both kicking off this weekend.

If you're thinking of heading down to any festival in the next couple of weeks you need to make sure you've got your fashion game on lock - beware its not as easy as it sounds with mud and dust to deal with.

Check Gemma's Gallery of cool festival fashion - and steal steal steal

Gem's muddy feet

The Michael Jackson Memorial Service

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Trevor Nelson Trevor Nelson | 11:01 UK time, Wednesday, 8 July 2009

I'm recovering from the most difficult assignment of my career.

I got a last minute call to be the voice of The Michael Jackson Memorial service for the BBC2 Coverage. Not only was it difficult because we had no control of the pictures coming through from Los Angeles but things ran late and it was actually quite emotional for me as a fan of Michael's music, especially seeing Stevie Wonder and Usher performing. I felt at any moment the entire thing could go hideously wrong and that millions of his fans would be sensitive to every word that came out my mouth.

I think we did a fair job, I got so many texts immediately saying 'well done'. Overall I think the ceremony was quite tasteful and it rammed home that a family had lost it's son, albeit an incredibly famous one. Despite his trials and tribulations, may he finally rest in peace.

Thanks for the memories Michael Jackson.


National Kissing Day...

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Gemma | 09:39 UK time, Monday, 6 July 2009

Pucker up and...

Grab someone cute fr a kiss... We did! I gave Acer a polite peck...


Amy french kissed Pierre...


Ooooeeer then I went in for this kill with Moyles, somebody stop me!



Gem Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Trevor auditions for Scott Mills The Musical - and sings MJ

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Trevor Nelson Trevor Nelson | 13:34 UK time, Thursday, 2 July 2009

Find out how you can audition for Scott Mills The Musical and see if Trev has a chance

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