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THE WEAKEST LINK (literally)

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Gemma | 13:59 UK time, Friday, 15 May 2009


What a night, what a night, what bloomin mad night! Everyone in the 1Xtra office is currently throwing sympathtic looks my way with twinkling eyes, or brazenly rinsing the fact that I didn't know the answer to this, complete the sentence...

" A rolling stone gathers no...."

I've NEVER heard that saying in my flippin life! So therefore, I was the Weakest Link and got voted off in the first round (Pretty much what EVERYONE told me, I just simply couldn't do!.... For example Treble T has just come out of his show and hugged me whilst shaking his head). But it was an amazing experience to be a part of the recording of such an iconic British TV show, not to mention the sheer fear of standing on that podium surrounded by some people that have had careers that make my jaw drop with respect. The line up is below... Talking of legends I thought Anne Robinson was awesome in action. She was piercing, on point and looked intensely hot.

I'm not going to tell you who won, because it will ruin the surprise. But I was happy with the end result, though pretty gutted that I didn't even get the chance to rep 1xtra a little bit further and had the chance win some cash for my chosen charity - Help the Aged.
Ah well, alls well that ends well.

A couple of funny things that happened behind the scenes...

Suzi Quatro, gave myself and Dave Berry a psychic reading.

Anne Robinson heard the wrong version of a word when being taught to speak slang by Rickie and Melvin and ended up repeating something very, very rude indeed. But had us cracking up.


Christian O'Connell, Janice Long, Dave Berry, Pete Murray, Suzi Quatro, Rickie and Melvin, Davind Diddy Hamilton, Terry Christian.

Oh and btw - just found this nice recent blog from Adele...Thought you might like it?

Gem Xx

P.S On a genuinely honest level.. did you know the answer to the question?



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