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Trevor Does The Apprentice Ep 6

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Trevor Nelson Trevor Nelson | 13:14 UK time, Thursday, 30 April 2009

Week 6 : Bric-a-Brac

Here's my take on this week's wheeling and dealing...

Who Got Fired : Noorul
Who Should Have Been Fired : Noorul (but Ben got away by a whisker)

Noorul, Debra, Ben and Skeleton

Watch the whole episode via the BBC iPlayer

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EastEnders Video : Masood Talks Jane Affair

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Trevor Nelson Trevor Nelson | 06:39 UK time, Wednesday, 29 April 2009

See me try to get Nitin Gantra who plays Masood to tell me if he's gonna have an affair with Jane Beale or what?!

Check interviews with all the cast next week Wednesday on the Breakfast Show...

Gem and Jo Joyner

Jo Joyner (Tanya Branning)

Minty In The Market

Cliff Parisi (Minty) In The Market

Big Mo and Gem

Gem makes Big Mo look little

First Look : EastEnders Set Visit

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Producer Julie | 06:24 UK time, Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Enders Sign

Yesterday the whole 1Xtra Breakfast Crew had the privilege of visiting the hallowed ground of Albert Square to meet the cast of EastEnders! Check out the show next week to hear interviews with the actors who play Heather & Shirley, Tanya, Bradley, Big Mo, Minty, Masood, Garry and loads more.

We'll be popping behind the scenes photos and videos into the blog every day and some juicy bits of gossip.

Crew in Albert Sq

Breakfast Crew Reactions to Walford
Trevor = Cool, calm & collected. Standard
Gemma = SCRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAM and noting down EastEnders scoops
Dr Evil = Found Winston!!
Darren = Unusually animated and overheard : "It feels like I'm in a dream"
Janine = Still not recovered from spotting Jack (faint)
Me = :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) and about 1000 photos


Trev Meets everyone's fav extra Winston

Gemma in Launderette

Gemma looks for Dot Cotton

Hev and Shirl

Heather, Trevor and Shirley in the Argee Bargee

Shake It Like A Polaroid Picture

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Trevor Nelson Trevor Nelson | 14:16 UK time, Friday, 24 April 2009

See 100 Single Ladies Flashmob

All I can say is why wasn't I there????? Totally gutted!

Its giving me the inspiration to get my own flash mob together and go to Parliament Square with me and my 30 strong crew to do the 'Hey Ya', that's right Andre 3000 I've been practising it for the last 3 years....

Are you coming?


Trevor Does The Apprentice Ep 5

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Trevor Nelson Trevor Nelson | 12:38 UK time, Thursday, 23 April 2009

Task 5 : Breakfast Cereal

Here's my take on this week's Apprentice adventures...

Who Got Fired : Kimberley Kreme Puff
Who Should Have Been Fired : Kimberley Kreme Puff

Watch the whole episode via the BBC iPlayer look out for the quote of the night "I have a nut allergy" lol

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Gemma | 08:32 UK time, Wednesday, 22 April 2009

HONESTLY.. This plate has been in the Radio 1 office for about a month! Yikes... If you look close enough you'll see dried, creamy, residue...


Is there mess that's doing your head in right now? Snap it on your phones and text it too 88111 or email and I might post it on the blog, that way we can all have a moan and whoevers mess it is can be sent the link!
Gem Xx

P.S I know that the pic of the plate above isn't that bad, but I promise up close it's not so nice, the creamy residue is merely camaflouge!

P.P.S Okay, so gross out... The plate is nothing compared to these things you sent in!..
Jason's office in Bristol contains this..


This is literally the worst of all! Whoever owns this please, please throw it away! Mase in Plymouth thanks for 'outting' your flatmates dirty ways...


First Look : Star Trek Interview

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Producer Julie | 17:22 UK time, Monday, 20 April 2009

Tonight is the UK Premiere of Star Trek in London's Leciester Square and Gemma got the chance to meet the very hot stars of the film Zachary Quinto & Chris Pine today.

You'll have to wait till next month to hear who said what BUT until then feast your eyes on this....


Live long and prosper ;-)

Check the first reactions to the Star Trek Movie

See the trailer

See Zachary Quinto as the very scary Sylar in Heroes on the BBC iPlayer

Trevor Does The Apprentice Episode 4

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Trevor Nelson Trevor Nelson | 11:42 UK time, Thursday, 16 April 2009

Task 4 : Beauty Products

Here's my take on this week's Apprentice...

Who Was Fired : Paula
Who Should Have Been Fired : Paula or Noorul (weak)

The Boardroom Three

The Boardroom : Yasmina, Paula and Ben ready for the fireworks

See where it all went so wrong for Paula....

Watch the whole episode via the BBC iPlayer


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Gemma | 11:39 UK time, Thursday, 16 April 2009

I'm feeling bloggish today.. 100% appreciating the idea of communication across the world! Well, in theory anyway...
I came across this beautiful bloggity blog blog before we started ours here on the Breakfast Show... I love it! Stylebubble is quite simple really, it's run by one girl called Susie (above) who's obsessed with fashion (waay more than me )! Not only does the blog have swagger in general it's jampacked with wicked pics (for example a dress made entirely of gloves!) that sure as hell make me want to go shopping, plus reading the comments and reactions on each entry is equally as joyfull!

mwah mwah... No more kissing through the phone, but through the web instead.

Does anyone reading this have some excellent blogs that they like to dabble with on a regular basis? Or do you own your own blog? Let me know below...

Gem Xx

We Love You Arsenal We Do!!!

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Producer Janine | 07:36 UK time, Thursday, 16 April 2009

Last night I went to my first football match at the big bad Emirates Stadium to watch Arsenal play Villarreal in the Champions League quarter-finals.

The stadium is amazing all the fans were outside drinking beer and eating chips getting ready for the match.


Just got to my seat and it's a good thing I'm not scared of heights, feeling kind of excited at this point.


After Theo Walcott scored the first goal the stadium went crazy! but I was very shocked how quickly they got over the goal and sat back down, I took so long to stand up in the first place and had to sit back down rather quickly, Adebayor scored the second goal I was a bit quicker at jumping up but by time Van Persie scored the penality I was my feet in a flash.

At this point it was 3-0 to Arsenal and the fans were a lot more relaxed because they knew there was no way Villarreal would make a comeback.


This is when Silvestre got a red card and was sent off, Arsenal fans started singing "Cheerio, Cheerio, Cheerio" very funny!

(Ok got a bit excited Silvestre didn't get sent off it was Sebastian Eguren thanks Ade for correcting me but Arsenal fans were definately cussing Silvestre)


My favourite phrases of the night have to be "Move you mug", "Offside you burke", well these are the clean ones.

Overall it was a great experience but it was 90 minutes of nervousness mixed with excitement with a little bit of fear - MADNESS!!!

We Love You Arsenal We Do!!!

Producer Janine

The Greatest Champions League Game EVER

Trevor Nelson Trevor Nelson | 11:18 UK time, Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Chelsea 4 Liverpool 4

Yesterday I witnessed the greatest Champions League game ever! I was nervous, sweating and fretting and at one point was threatening not to turn up to the show if we lost.

Super Super Frank, Super Frankie Lampard.

Frank Lampard

Check the match report on BBC Sport

So is Chelsea's name on the cup?

Spit it Out & R1's Big Wknd

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Gemma | 11:47 UK time, Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Sometimes even Trevor and I can be serious...

When asked to take part in the 'SPIT IT OUT' Childline campaign for Dubplate Drama, we were there in a second. The idea is to speak up and let your voice be heard! Something I'm all for obviously!

Please check out ads from a range of peeps.. Including me, Trev, and Dappy from N Dubz, and get involved.

PS We announced the monumental line-up for R1s Big Weekend this morning on the show and caught up with Saturday performer Dizzee Rascal, he gave me lots of jokes, which he always does (I think he's a very talented comedian in fact). Check the full line up.

Dizzee at 1Xtra in Ibiza


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Gemma | 13:44 UK time, Thursday, 9 April 2009


Hi all, another cheesy pic to kick off an oh so fashionable blog!...
I'm sooo into this Motown malarky, because I have a serious tendancy to sway towards the cheesier side of life you see...

Hence why I frog marched Producer's Julie and Janine to a wicked local vintage store to be transformed into Supreme Supremes. Once upon time Janine and I were in 'Girl's Allow it' a 90's girl group, since Charlotte leaving the original line up, we felt it only natural to go back to our Motown roots.

1X Breakfast Girls as The Supremes

The Real Supremes


1) Find two friends and wear one consistant matching colour dress' even if they are different in shape.

2) Adopt long gloves always for Motown glamour.

3) Don't let it all hang out, since when did you see a Supreme with both cleavage and hotpants?

Next I got carried away and decided that I belonged in the Jackson 5, which of course would make the only female member and the legendary band would then be remembered as Jackson 6!


The Real Jackson 5


1) If you are a boy keep your shirt unbuttoned to mid-chest and the collars long / if you are a girl a v neckline will create the same affect.

2) Think about colours that make you think of the 70's - Oranges, bottle green, brown, khaki.

3) If your trousers don't have flare then forget it!


Gem Xx

Check out all the Motown Artists styling it

Trevor Does The Apprentice Ep 3

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Trevor Nelson Trevor Nelson | 10:45 UK time, Thursday, 9 April 2009

Week 3 : Home Fitness Task

Here's my take on The Apprentice goings on this week...

Who Got Fired : Maj
Who Should Have Been Fired : Maj

Check out some clips...

Watch the whole episode again on the iPlayer

And watch me work out some more on You're Fired

First Look : Trev, Gem and the Jacksons

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Producer Julie | 10:44 UK time, Monday, 6 April 2009

In order to see this content you need to have both Javascript enabled and Flash installed. Visit BBC Webwise for full instructions

If you want to know what on earth is going on here, make sure you listen to the 1Xtra Breakfast Show this Thursday morning 8-11am



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Gemma | 13:51 UK time, Friday, 3 April 2009


I loved this weeks topical chunks of hip hop knowledge from Trevor, when he was talking me through his pioneers in the lead up to the weekend's 30 Years of Hip Hop!

I equally loved taking to the streets to hear people's opinion on hip hopper's style including the likes of RUN DMC, Salt n Pepa and Kanye West, because opinion is often divided and I love a bit of a debate..I do. You can listen again to both my Evolution of Hip Style and Trevor's Pioneers of Hip Hop on this week's shows.



Most of all I love all the funny hip hop pics that listeners sent in, I chose my top 3!

This is Ade, after a bit of bullying him into sending a pic in from work, he took a sneaky one without his boss looking... Upside down!


This is Dwayne from Oxford, he texts us all the time so it's nice to see his face! But don't know how hip hop that is? He's just posing isn't he?


And this is Mr T... Possibly more pimpin??


If you think you can do better please email a pic to the breakfast show and title the subject - HIP HOPPIN. (Make sure you have permission from everyone in the photo. We'll put up as many pics as possible)

Have a nice weekend.

Gem Xx

Broop Broop for Whoopi

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Producer Julie | 12:54 UK time, Friday, 3 April 2009

The fabulous comediene and actress Whoopi Goldberg passed through the 1Xtra Breakfast Show this morning...

Whoopi at 1Xtra Breakfast

Listen to the show now to hear Whoopi talk about the new 'Sister Act' musical, meeting Lauryn Hill for the first time and find out what beauty product she nabbed from the Breakfast Crew! Oh and how Trevor and Gemma explained their "hip hop" attire today...
Scroll 45 minutes into the show to hear Whoopi

Trevor Does The Apprentice Episode 2

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Trevor Nelson Trevor Nelson | 11:36 UK time, Thursday, 2 April 2009

Week 2 : High End Catering

Here's my take on this week's episode...

Who Got Fired : Rocky
Who Should Have Been Fired : Rocky

Rocky reckoned it all went wrong when they chose their "Olympic" theme.

Rockys Toga Party

Watch some clips...

Watch the whole episode on the BBC iPlayer

Trevor gives you a Hip Hop Education

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Producer Julie | 14:24 UK time, Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Trev Gangster Pose

So this weekend its all about 30 Years of Hip Hop on 1Xtra.

Every day this week Mr Trevor Nelson has been breaking down his hip hop pioneers and drawing from his extensive range of anecdotes eg he was the first person to import a Public Enemy Record into the UK - what a ledge, yes we know ;-)

If you want to delve deeper into who his pioneers are and what they're all about get ready
(Warning : These clips contain strong language)

Public Enemy
Check this classic Fab Five Freddy interview with Public Enemy

Eric B & Rakim
Live performance of Paid In Full on Yo MTV Raps

A Tribe Called Quest
'Electric Relaxation' video (worth watching for the v. fit Q-Tip alone)

Some classic freestyles from KRS & Common from the 90s

Pete Rock & CL Smooth
Another Yo MTV Raps classic appearance from '91

Check out 1Xtra all weekend for our 30 Years of Hip Hop - non stop hip hop round the clock - heavy!

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