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(scream) JLS (scream)

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Producer Julie | 08:09 UK time, Monday, 16 March 2009

So on the first night of our road trip we stayed in the same hotel as JLS, on the same complex they'd just performed a scream-filled X Factor Live date.

Of course ALL the girls piled over to the hotel and stood at the door in hysterics, faces pressed against the glass for about an hour!! The entire X Factor live crew were in the hotel too but the ladies only had eyes for JLS. Me, Janine and Charlotte were in a room just above the door so had our own Michael Jackson moment waving our arms out and screaming back. JLS Fans = not impressed.

Then there was a power cut in the hotel, all the lights went off (and all the lights in the building across the road). We ran out into the hall to see emergency lighting (phew) and Marvin from JLS standing in a hall a bit confused! He said the fans usually trip the fire alarm to get them to make an appearance but i guess they've moved on to pulling the electricity cables. Oh the drama.

Meanwhile Trevor was in his room trying to watch Match of the Day and thinking all the screaming girls were for him!

Here's a pic of the lovely JLS boys and fellow finalist Eoghan Quinn in our Glasgow studio this morning with Trev & Gem.

..JLS and Eoghan in Glasgow

You can also listen to the whole show.

Plus Glasgow designer Qustom Queen popped by to customise some special 1Xtra Breakfast trainers for us : eggs, beans and bacon! The trainers are heat sensitive so when they get warm the beans disappear!!




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