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Its baaaack : The Apprentice Episode 1

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Trevor Nelson Trevor Nelson | 11:59 UK time, Thursday, 26 March 2009

Sir Alan

I can't believe its back - series link prepare to be rinsed.

Episode one introduced us all to 15 new wannabe tycoons, all full of blagger and no swagger...2 teams : boys v girls and the first task was all about cleaning.

Personally i would never be a team leader this early on..You don't know your team-mates strengths or weaknesses and your chances of elimination are high.
I thought both teams were crap at washing cars, I mean everyone knows you start with the roof 1st and finish with the wheels.

The girls took more money than the boys but used nearly all their budget, i mean do you know a girl who goes shopping and brings back change???

Sir Alan was sharp as a tool by getting rid of Anita who had the calculator and lets face it some very weird facial expressions.


Who Got Fired : Anita
Who Should Have Been Fired : Anita

Watch the whole episode on the BBC iPlayer


  • Comment number 1.

    omg, I love this show, it’s soo funny..

    I can't believe the girls didn't see they were chancing their luck with that spending!! What were they thinking?

    And the boys washing a car with a hose with the door open? Man, I woulda booted 'em out with nothin’!!

    But Sir Alan made the right choice lettin' Anita go. She shoulda said something. Instead she sealed her fate by praising the 'budget' in-front of Nick!!! She committed Boardroom Suicide!!!


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