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Title: Bricks and Branches

Image by Mary-Emma | in fashion, design & create, graphics/print

Bricks and Branches

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My inspiration came from the typical skylines you find in major cities, such as that of the bridges found in my city Newcastle, along with the soft beautiful shapes found in rural settings. My design shows the contrast between the shapes and complexities of each; the city setting on the left is shaped quite simply whereas the rose on the right is very complex, reflecting the differences between the creations of man and nature. The shoe in the centre of the design represents the transition of mankind between the two settings, hence the position of the name "Bricks and Branches", and that although the two settings pose differences, they are still connected and intertwine simultaneously. In wider terms, it represents the evermore increasingly obvious impacts of city environments and mankind on the natural world. This is also shown by the connection of the shapes in my design, for example; the chewing gum on the shoe, flowing into the shape of the flower petal.


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