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Title: Introduction

Audio by Jake | in music & audio, genre, rock & indie

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    • 1. At 3:11pm on 21 Jan 2010, Jake wrote:

      Hey Jake, even though we're the same person, how about checking out Music for Driving at Night by yourself.. As in you, who made this, who is also me. You might learn a lot about 'quality' in audio production. As the audio production in this is pretty terrible. You make yourself pretty embarrassed. Otherwise a good effort Jake :), it might be worth noting that cheesy classical minor piano is a bit dodgy as well, and having a big solo at the end in a very predictable minor key is a bit dodgy as well. Especially if you put it into a metal genre. Although that really falls under ones own musical opinion :). Still Me, good effort though and keep up the musical evolution you have going there. Or I have going there. Ah this is getting confusing.

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    • 2. At 2:23pm on 29 Jan 2010, Ed_Bitesize_Host wrote:

      Heh heh. Confusing indeed!

      "Musical evolution" sounds about right - it sounds (and seems: that you've been learning a lot since this Introduction.

      There's some nice tips you're written there too. Have you ever thought about making a top audio production tips guide? Or a mini How To about audio production? You could make a simple audio guide or something on video and upload it to Blast. It'd be great to share what you've learnt with others. In it you can even talk to your past self again if you want - that might be your angle, haha!

      Seriously though, it would be fantastic if you had some more top tips or experience to share?

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    • 3. At 3:46pm on 04 Feb 2010, Music Host wrote:

      I loved the progression in this, there's something of 1970s prog-rock about it - a style just aching for a revival!

      So did you play all the instruments yourself, then overdub them?

      I agree with Richard - it would be great if you fancied creating a mini 'How to' about the methods you used in this production.

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    • 4. At 3:48pm on 04 Feb 2010, Music Host wrote:

      I loved the progressing quality to this - really reminded me of 1970s prog-rock - a style we just don't hear enough of these days...

      Did you play all the instruments yourself then overdub, or work with other people to create this sound?

      I agree with Richard - it would be great if you could create us a little How I did this - to see how a work like this is made from scratch

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    • 5. At 5:14pm on 22 Mar 2010, Jake wrote:

      Richard - My equipment is far from top quality xD. I don't even have a midi keyboard ahahaha. But if I get round to it, I'll upload an article on a song with some samples (It'll be brief though I'm afraid, If I go into detail it'll end up VERY long).

      Music Host - This is WAY old... But If my memory serves me right, I played everything except the piano, which is default midi from my computer. I didn't play the wind or drums either. It's all just me.

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