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Title: Creating a Career

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Creating a Career

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How to turn your creativity into money

Listen to Blast's three-part audio programme on turning your hobby into a business. From rapping to knitting, experts in their field give advice on turning what they craft into cash.

  • Getting started

    Getting started

    Part 1

    There are other ways to make money than working the usual nine to five, especially if you're creative about it!

  • Getting out there

    Getting out there

    Part 2

    Making the most of opportunities on the internet and elsewhere, and the benefits of collaboration.

  • The nuts and bolts

    The nuts and bolts

    Part 3

    Our experienced makers pass on their tips for marrying their creative flair with all-important business sense.

Meet the interviewees

  • Buddug and Jessie

    Jewellery and textiles designers Buddug Humphreys and Jessie Chorley grew up in North Wales and met at Art Foundation. After graduating from London colleges, the close friends realised their long-held dreams of setting up shop together, selling their handmade creations to the cool crowd in East London.

  • Olaf Parker

    Blast's resident fashion expert, and entrepreneur in his own right, Olaf Parker knows a thing or two about the business of style. After studying textiles, he worked for some of fashion's finest, before going on to establish his own menswear label.

  • Lee May Foster-Wilson

    Lee May Foster-Wilson set up her business Bonbi Forest after she found that her degree in Fine Art, though excellent for her development as an artist, was not so effective at finding her work. She lives in a remote part of Cornwall, and sells her handmade T-shirts, jewellery and artwork to a global audience via her website.

  • Jyager

    Jyager is an MC who was born in Portugal, and grew up in London. Trilingual, he draws inspiration from diverse musical styles, including hip-hop, garage, jazz and soul. He recently collaborated with British jazz group Polar Bear.

  • Meg Mateo Ilasco

    Meg Mateo Ilasco is a writer, illustrator and designer living in California, USA. A business she set up, making and selling wedding invitations as a sideline at university turned into her full time job. Several further self-started businesses later, she's become an expert in small creative entrepreneurship.


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