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Title: Crime

by brogan from Lancashire | in writing, poetry, crime

Just a night out with a group of friends
A teenagers life comes to an end
Murdered by some evil thugs
Driven by drink and drugs

Being in gangs
What’s the attraction
Can somebody please
Take some action

Once you’ve killed there’s nowhere to hide
Who will you trust when you want to confide
Before you do it give it a thought
Cause' in the end you will be caught
Time in prison that’s what you’ll get
You’ll wish you’d not done it I will bet

I’m really sorry you’ll want to say
You can't bring back what you've taken away
There's not one victim in this crime
There's families as well time after time

If you think gangs offer protection
Don't get involved its a life of deception

Your sat at home during the Christmas celebration
There's a knock at the door
It's the family liaison

Three teenagers killed in two weeks
Armed police patrol our streets
A boy of only seven got shot once more
As the bullets rested- he fell to the floor
His mum was crying at his feet
Gun crime rising in this street
Children as young as eight
carry weapons for their 'mate'

Gun crime lurking around the corner
People take this as a warner!

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