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Title: RUNNER UP : Visual - Game Design Competition

Image by Molly | in games, production, artwork

RUNNER UP : Visual - Game Design Competition

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The shape of the ship is based on the glove of the Krulius. The ridged pattern on the fingers inspired the ridged pattern on the edge of the ship, and the control panel section inspired the front. The shape of the ship needed to be streamline so the Krulius could escape trouble quickly. The special feature also helps this. The ridges on the end of the ship and the criss cross line patterns on the front can be made to flash so quickly that it temporarily stuns the pursuing ship so that they can make a quick getaway. The lights should be a green colour so that they contrast with the back of the ship. These lights should be a darker colour normally so that the ship is harder to see. The ships back end can also retract into the main body of the ship making it a lot smaller therefore less easy to target. I think this spaceship really suits the Krulius as it has an ominous feel about it and the distinct features would make it easily recognisable as the Kruliuses ship striking fear into everyone who sees it and hopefully making them turn and flee!


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