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Title: WINNER : Visual - Game Design Competition

Image by Ruth | in games, production, artwork

WINNER : Visual - Game Design Competition

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3.00 out of 5

I wanted my design idea to reflect the character of the Krulius aesthetically. In the character description it stated that the Kruilius was ‘artificially grown’ on Dethlos and had numerous machines and filters attached to his body and face. I therefore decided I wanted the ship to look like some form of organic life form with a metallic machine hybrid appearance. After some time brainstorming it occurred to me a jelly fish fitted the organic description perfectly, it could swim through space and the tentacles could be the special feature! The special feature by the way, is an electric field around the green tentacles that paralyses any life form or space ship it touches. The aliens are then sucked up the flexible black tubes into holding cells which scans and saves their DNA make up. Just like normal jelly fishes my ship has an air of mysteriousness and threat matching The Krulius’ character well and enhancing the suitability of my entry. My space ship design is sufficiently strange and imaginative enough to excite the audience and the overall organic side to the ship is seen on TV often enough to be recognised by the age group as a jelly fish.


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