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Title: The New Policemans Lament

by Laulaz from Wales | in writing, poetry, story-telling

I'm the New Policeman,
And it's my first month on the beat.
Now my first arrest was really cool!
And the drug bust... pretty neat!

But then again I never thought
I'd have to do this chore...
You might think it pretty simple.
Just a knock on a front door

But I know that when she opens it,
I'll make her world go wild.
I mean... Have you ever had to tell someone
You found the body of their child?

She'll ask me in the living room,
I'll ask her to take a seat.
She'll already start to cry,
And stare down at her feet

"The doctors did the best for him"
"It would have been quite Quick"
I'll fumble all my words up,
Feeling very sick

Now here comes the worst bit…
I've got to tell her how he died.
That look of shock and disbelief.
and I want to run and hide.

Because her little prince was driving drunk.
Every copper knows the score.
A pile up on the motorway
He was doing sixtyfour.

His seatbelt hung forgotten
but still it isn't right,
The poor kid was only just 18
and now he has to pay the price.

Then I'll mumble "I’m so sorry"
"I…I'll show myself the door."
And She thanks me, "for your time officer"
This time I look at the floor.

Yes, I'm the new policeman.
And this time it's my head on the block.
I'm staring at the door now…
Are you ready for this…?

Knock Knock

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I wrote this poem at about 2am one night when inspiration from a TV documentory about drink driving that had really stuck itself in my head turned itself into a poem. Unable to sleep I wrote a few lines down then got carried away.


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