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Title: The Krulius' spaceship

Image by bethy from Northern Ireland | in art & design, 2d, drawing

The Krulius' spaceship

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For my spaceship I tried to use everything it said on the krulius' factfile. First I drew two ideas and picked out the best one, then I picked out the colour sceams. I used dark colours for it like black, red and blue, the grey represents metal and the white represents windows. The structure of the ship was very important because it has to be origanal and out of the ordinary, I think my spaceship has that quilty Next it was time to put some features on it to make it stad out from the other spaceships, so I decided to add lazers at the bottom of the ship to cut through planets if he needed to, cages for the krulius to keep his captured aliens in. I also added two engine rooms at each side of the ship, a control room in the centre of the spaceship and launch pads with escape pods for quick exits. Thr last thing I added was the top part of the spaceship to open up and to send of a signal to attract aliens, I choose this to be the special feature because with the yellow light and beams would attract aliens in most planets.


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