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Title: Krulius FlameShip

Image by em from Shropshire | in art & design, 2d, mixed media

Krulius FlameShip

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5.00 out of 5

For my spaceship, I decided that flames would be appropriate instead of wings, as they seem like the sort of thing that would kill a Krulius. The Krulius appears as a dark and morbid creature, because it was created in the swamps of Doloth, therefore I thought the flames would confuse any enemy into believing that the flames had no effect on the Krulius. The spaceship itself is sleek and pointy to complement the Krulius’ clothes, fingers and lack of face. The special feature of the ship is based on the Krulius’ toxic breath, as he is able to press a button, and release the toxic gasses into planet’s ionosphere which would kill any human attempting to attack the ship. The toxic gas is green, so that humans are able to see it coming, which would terrifying them in attempting to run away, however as they run they will be short of breath and only breath more of the toxic fumes. To create the spaceship, I have used a mixture of pencil, to draw the outline, chalks to make the main colours and crayons and fine liners for fine detail on the flames.


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