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Title: RUNNER UP : Visual - Game Design Competition

Image by Holly from London | in games, production, artwork

RUNNER UP : Visual  - Game Design Competition

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The Krulius was born in a freak electrical occurrence in a highly toxic swamp planet! As such he has little use for an aesthetically pleasing ship, his only concern is function and my design has him covered! Of course everything within the ship is fuelled by the poisonous gasses abundant on his planet; see the propulsion jets, angled for easy directional changes and more manoeuvrability. These gases also play a big part in creating the localised magnetic storm! Contained within the ships frontal talons, based on the Krulius’s own gauntlet like phalanges, This storm is both a means of defence and attack. The Krulius has an electrical brilliance and a terrible gas attack for organic beings but it seemed to me that he was missing the ability to survive in space battle, so this magnetic storm will disrupt the equipment of any who oppose him. If need be he can discharge this storm for a devastating lightening canon! This is a weapon that would suit a game because a player could see it charging and has a chance of dodging his attack, and it’s great for the audience because what kid doesn’t immediately identify a lightning canon and go “AH!!”?


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