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Title: RUNNER UP : Sound - Game Design Competition

Audio by Lex from Northamptonshire | in music & audio, production, audio effects

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the first ten seconds is my movement sound,the second is my breathing of the toxic gas sound and the third is my use of the bio modem sound.To create the movement sound I used my own heavy footsteps, barefoot,and dragged my feet between each step, because the krulius’s body must be quite heavy because it is robotic.I also rustled some leaves while I did this to create the effect of his old cloak rustling with each step.For the breathing sound I used the steam from a boiled kettle to create a raspy gas like effect and my own voice,in a harsh grated tone to represent the krulius’s own rarely used voice.For the modem sound I used the ticking of my clock,to be the mechanisms inner workings whirring,and an error sound on my computer to be the dominant sound to show how the modem beeps when the krulius uses it.I made sure these sounds were quite quick as the modem is probably quite hi-tech,and I think the krulius uses it like a Sonic Lipstick and for teleportation.This is suitable for my audience because it is very unique,creative and mysterious,and it focuses on the metallic quality of the krulius’s voice and movement.


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