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Title: The Krulius's Spaceship

Image by Lex from Northamptonshire | in art & design, 2d, drawing

The Krulius's Spaceship

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My unique spaceship designs main body is sleek,made of an unknown shiny metal.The main body was inspired by the Krulius’s own slightly artificial,robotic look.The ship is powered by the same heavy toxic gas that the Krulius uses to breath.I used different shades of green to convey this.The ship moves via rotation.Attached to the top of the ship is a Bio-Terraformer Mark II, that the Krulius has scavenged.I specifically designed this part of the ship to look like the Krulius’s own gnarled,clawed,hand,and I used images and shading for effect.At the pointed fingertips,strands of artron energy from the time vortex are harnessed, to make detailed projections of any planet that the Krulius wishes to land on.There is also an Extraterrestrial Identifier, that scans planets and finds basic information on all local species .His special feature is an Analyzer, a small box in the control room,containing an intricate computer.Any captured alien prisoners are scanned by inserting their limbs into the opening(which adjusts it shape depending on the species)and its attributes, strengths, weaknesses and attempts to capture earth are logged(before its stored in a data-pod)so that the Krulius can use this information to formulate an unbeatable plan to destroy his arch enemy Sarah-Jane Smith.


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