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Title: BBC Krulius Airship Game Design

Image by Ameyu from Gloucestershire | in art & design, 2d, drawing

BBC Krulius Airship Game Design

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The idea for details within the ship, such as the lights, body plating and 'tube-like' structures hanging off the wings came from the design of the Krulius. Even the spaceship's frame came from the shape of the Krulius' body, with a snout like tip for the front, a lens shape for the cockpit and the pattern of the body plating mirroring the sleek roughness of the Krulius' clothes and shoes. To keep familiarity, the colour scheme used was also based off the colour scheme of the Krulius, so staying with the darker colours: black and deep purple. Highlights of green relate to the toxic swamps of the planet Doloth, also suggesting the foul stench of the Krulius' breath. The special feature will help the Krulius' spaceship on rougher terrain, aiding him towards his goal of capturing more alien lifeforms. The overall design will suit the audience as it is not only unique, but is also mobile on land, unlike many other spaceships.


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