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Title: RUNNER-UP : Sound - Game Design Competition

Audio by christian from Cheshire | in music & audio, production, audio effects

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these are my sound effects for the kruilis, they were made using; two screwdrivers a hotglue gun a corkscrew a garlic press tim my guinea pig (his squeaking) my computer's sound editing software (computer bleeps) a drinking straw container two cusions me eating a gummi bear a whisk me pretending to snore and my voice edited to sound like a robot and a dalek between clps I think that the sounds represent the kruilis because he is a artificially grown cyborg type organism, because of this I decided especially for the breathing to use both mechanical and biological sounds such as machinery and squelches. for this I used the gummi bears and kitchen equiptment. for the walking I decided to rub two cusions together to represent his course fabric moving and two screwdrivers clanking together due to the fact that his feet are large metallic boots. for the bio-converter I yet again used the noises of living things and mechanical for this I used a heavily distorted recording of the background noise (talking etc) of my home and also my guineau pig as well as some other kitchen equiptment and my computers sound editing softwares ring modulator to make my voice sound a bit like a cyberman's, I based the words on the fact that the kruilis downloads his prey and actualises them later.


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