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Title: My Krulius Spaceship Design

Image by Elinor from Berkshire | in art & design, 2d, drawing

My Krulius Spaceship Design

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I have designed the ship in a way that matches the Krulius. The colours are similar to the Krulius and they are dark- this will help the viewers of SJA to identify it as evil (but not too scary!). I have also chosen a shape which I haven’t seen used for a spaceship before. There is an inner pod where any captured aliens are contained and the ship is controlled from. The pod can also rotate, giving a 360° view of surroundings. There is a control column that runs the height of the ship, used for access around the ship and controlling the main ship’s computer (which keeps the aliens in stasis.). It finishes in a lookout post and weapons control centre on the top of the ship. This view allows guards to see any enemies from far away. The special feature of the ship is a Drive combining the four ion engines and the “shell” surrounding the ship. These can be activated to allow the ship to slip into a “Fifth Dimension” - somewhere where they will be virtually undetectable by any human technology. This could pose a threat to Earth as the Krulius can hide “in plain sight”.


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