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Title: RUNNER UP : Sound - Game Design Competition

Audio by Daniel from Northern Ireland | in music & audio, production, audio effects

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Entry to the Game Design Competition by Daniel who attended a FREE workshop at BBC Blast on tour in Enniskillen. Daniel says "Breathing- for the breathing I used my own breath and edited so that it would sound right for the toxic breath. Walking- for the walking I used some gravel outside and made someone stamp across it so it sounded like a wet metal sound. Digital Bio-Converter& modem- for the modem I used a metal chain against a tank which had this good metal sound then I edited to make it sound more out of spacey. I think that my sound effects are right for Krulius because he is a toxic alien from a swampy planet and he is covered in metal so I think the breathing sounds really toxic and the walking sounds like a metal footsteps. And I think the modem is right beause it sounds like a teleporting device. I think the design suits the audience for the Sarah Jane Adventures because he is a chilling and scary alien which makes it perfect for fans of Doctor Who and Sarah Jane adventures."


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