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Title: Krulius spaceship

Image by Ewan from Leicestershire | in art & design, 2d, drawing

Krulius spaceship

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The Krulius needs a fast, tough, stealthy craft to protect all his stolen data. My design was inspired by the dark, evil shapes and colours of stealth fighters, combined with quantum electrodynamics technology. The ship has 2 parts. The upper part is the “hardware” (engines, weapons, modem etc). The lower part is the “software” special feature. This huge “Data-sphere” electromagnetically formates under the ship. It is a cooled superconductor spheroid repelling all magnetic material so it can not be damaged by bullets, missiles or meteorites. It stores all of the Krulius’s stolen digital biodata pods as well as a synthetically generated control room (see diagram) similar to that of the TARDIS. The Krulius controls everything from the green chair in the centre. I wanted the design to be dark, evil and cold with a glint of green, just like its owner. The “hardware” rail gun fires ionised sulphur plasma ( a lethal foul smelling toxic gas) at near light speed enabling it to vaporise any solid object within 5 parseconds (approx 15 light years) The audience should enjoy this “cool” evil spacecraft with its awesome power and obvious Achilles heel (vulnerable to nonmagnetic attack)


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