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Title: My Krulius spaceship.

Image by Jaden from Bedfordshire | in art & design, 2d, drawing

My Krulius spaceship.

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In my entry I have created a spaceship for the Krulius. Starting off with how I thought of the spaceship, I had a look at what the Krulius looked like, analysed him carefully, and gradually formed my own interpretation of what kind of character it is. I then thought of the kind of spaceship that he would own. Firstly, I just thought of a blacker and spiked version of the big orange spaceship at NASA, but instead of black, I coloured it in dark reddish, and covered it in green bubble-shaped pods. Either for use of observation to see outside, or as an escape in various escape pods. It is propelled by fire, and has two large dark blue wings on its side, with red support under them. This is all just on top of a larger spaceship, slightly triangular shaped, with more pods on it. It is covered in mysterious inscriptions and crevices scattered around. Below the dark blue wings, and below the end of the larger part of the ship, are big spikes to either dig into the ground if it lands of foreign planets to land, or to attack an enemy ship by ramming backwards. Lastly to describe, there is a slightly corkscrew shaped metal area below the dark reddish observation/ escape pod area, which is just like jettison slightly, it separates the smaller and larger parts of the ship from each other, and it is also covered in two 100% accurate, powerful turrets, in case of enemies.


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