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Title: WINNER : Sound - Game Design Competition

Audio by Jo Jo Sef from Essex | in games, production, sound

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I think my sound effects fit the style of the Kralius because they suit the mysterious, almost horrific look of the monster. To make the sound of him walking, I crumpling a crisp packet in my hand - I feel this gives the impression of his firm boots crushing the dust below them as well as the sound of his organs grinding as he walks. The breathing effect was created by stretching, then releasing a Slinky across my laptop microphone - it sounds as though air is being artificially pumped out of the Kralius - as if the toxic gas must be forced from his body by bellows. The final sound of the bio-converter was recorded vocally and then edited on my computer. I gave it a simple sci-fi sound but I decided to make it a much lower sound to make it into a more ominous and threatening device. I intended to make my sounds slighly creepy as that is how I feel the Kralius should come across.


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