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Title: Spaceship design - game design competition

Image by rashmika from London | in art & design, design, games & web

Spaceship design - game design competition

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The space ship i have designed for krulius is unique and advanced the ship is designed to help krulius in his journey the ship is large and has a advances steel plated armour the ship id fuel’s by the toxic gas the krulius breath’s this in one of the key points that help’s the krulius all so has a special future that can really help him he has two high frequency canons it the front in the ship these canons fire high frequency sound and a wave link if toxic the sound can disable the power source of a ship with its sound coursing the opponents ship to breakdown on space and the wave link of toxic can be fired at an opponent’s ship to send a toxic gas inside the ship to faint the life forms in the ship giving a cutting edge to krulius in his mission i believe my spaceship would fit the krulius because if its adaptations to krulius and the and the ship meets the full qualities of the krulius the colour choice is dark green to give more of a realistic the ship is suitable for Sarah Jane adventures as it moulds the mind of young audience .


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