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Title: Krulius Spaceship

Image by DoctorLauraWho from Devon | in art & design, 2d, drawing

Krulius Spaceship

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5.00 out of 5

My spaceship idea came to me through looking at typical UFO pictures and I decided to base my design on these pictures but with a longer base than thinned as it got near to the bottom and I also thought that the ship needed legs for extra thrust in motion and for added stability as it lands. I planned the colouring of the ship to be black and silver, just like the Krulius; but then thought that he could have a green ship like his toxic breath, which would make the ship look more menacing. The special feature is a pod which the Krulius can hold his captives in until he needs to experiment on them and to put the monsters/aliens in after the experiment is complete; these pods have a screen which tells the Krulius which monsters/aliens he has experimented on and which he hasn't. I think that this is appropriate for the intended audience because it isn’t very complicated and the audience will understand how the Krulius is using the ship and the pods.


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