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Title: Game Design Competition Entry!

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Game Design Competition Entry!

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Entry to the Game Design Competition by Aaisha who attended a FREE workshop at BBC Blast on tour in London. Aaisha says "I came up with the idear for my space ship for the characyer of Krulius thinking of his personalitys and sides. So I thought of kdoing him with a sort of mummys side liking lowers and his mums cakes. So I dicided on a cind of flowery wobble shapes and I then came up with the pretty wobble alson known as the wobble. The min special feature is his force filed it can stop any thing from craching into it, but if for any reason a space ship crashes into it it will jut do a huge wobble and send the space ship far of bouncing it indo a nother galaxy. Also another feature is the flower shaped blobs on the space ship shoot out self distruct flower heads defending the ship from all enimys. I think that my design is rite for this character because it showa that his a mummys boy."


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