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Title: Shontelle In Love

by RiverIsle from West Yorkshire | in writing, fiction, novels

"Got everything?" I asked.

"Yeah think so" she replied. "Popcorn, fizzy drinks, sweets, crisps and cake"

"Aren't you forgetting something?"

"No dont think so"

I gave her a hard glare, Pareesha's face lit up as she realised the missing item.

"The film of course" she said as she dashed out he door and went downstairs to retrieve the movie.

It was a late saturday evening me and Pareesha had decided to gather all sorts of junk food from the local shops and the kitchen, we were planning to watch a Gianni De Luca movie marathon, apparently a very hunky guy, who Pareesha fancies the pants off, she had insistated we watch it as at our last sleepover over at mine, we watched a horror movie which i found pretty scary but she thought that it was lame and as terrifying as a babies rattle.

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This is a story about a young teenage girl at the age of fifteen who falls inlove for the first time. this is just a


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