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Title: Krulius' Spaceship - The Smogonator

Image by Calamity_si from West Sussex | in art & design, 2d, illustration

Krulius' Spaceship - The Smogonator

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This is my design submission for Krulius' spaceship, which I call 'The Smogonator'. I originally had designed a similar shaped ship for a Tardis used by the Daleks to hunt down the Doctor, (called the DARDIS) and thought that the design would carry over well for this. Seeing as Krulius breathes out toxic gas, I thought the ship should be able to do the same on a planetary scale, by sucking in oxygen through one section, (the bulbous protrusions on the sides) and converting it to toxic gas which it spews out of it's top section. It would do this until the whole planet was converted to suit Krulius species. I adjusted the colour to a dark purple to match Krulius' own colour scheme and I believe the crab-like legs on the bottom are reminiscent of his clawed gauntlets. I think it suits the audience because it's something quite different in it's overall design yet vaguely familiar in how some of it's qualities / abilities match the main villain. I hope you like it!


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