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Title: BBC Blast- Game Design Competition- Krulius' Spaceship

Image by Marc from Nottinghamshire | in art & design, 2d, mixed media

BBC Blast- Game Design Competition- Krulius' Spaceship

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For my Spaceship design, I wanted to make it look simple and sophisticated. The ship is based on the diamond shape, with sharp angles which makes the whole look of the ship very sleek and fast which was what I was trying to convey on the illustration. I chose colours such as blacks, and greys and the texture is rough making it look begrimed and dirty which suited the Krulius' character, making the overall design look mysterious and dark. I also added two tubes on the side of the ship similar to those that the Krulius' had on his costume, so that it would suit the character even more. To make the design look unique added simple detailing around the ship such as the exhaust pipes, the tail of the spaceship, the eye-catching windows, the uncomplicated guns, and a razor-sharp alien blade on the front of the ship. The special feature of the design is that the ship will spin swiftly much like a shuriken damaging other ships and enemies that try to attack the Krulius. Inside there will be a mechanism that will manipulate the movement inside so the passengers won't be affected by the spinning of the ship.


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