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Title: game competition - spaceship

Image by jordang from Derbyshire | in art & design, design, graphic design

 game competition - spaceship

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The i got inspired to make the ship and special feature was when i was looking on the doctor who, i saw it described so i clicked on it then i watched the video and looked at some tips i got the special feature when i was trying to make a sword handle to show it was a sword beam shooter but turned in to ring rubbed out first got felt of the handle was turned in to a ring so when i rubbed it of i desided to turn it back and turned it in to a ring beam shooter the ring traps them,and teleports them to the ship if people try to run from them. The ship i designed my brother helped me to desing he told me to draw round objects and i did abit build on to em i also looked on the video tip visual desing when i saw the, web on the christmas star from doctor i desided to draw a sheild round it metal green web, to make it hard to destroy the ship dint count it has special abilty because it is already turned on, i would to help them make the game thats why i would like to be one of the lucky 8 winners to give them ideas ok.


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