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Title: Game design visual

Image by Gallifreyan_girl from Devon | in art & design, design, games & web

Game design visual

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The idea of the basic design of the ship came to me through looking at other examples of spaceships and ‘cherry picking’ the parts that would suit the Krulius. I chose to design the spaceship the way it is because it follows the design of the Krulius itself- the wires and pipes on the spaceship and the Krulius are alike, the basic colour of the ship and the Krulius are the same, and the colour of the lights I have put on the spaceship is the same as the colour of the Krulius’ toxic breath as illustrated in the comics. I decided upon the addition of holding cells as the special feature for the spaceship, as it would fit in nicely with the objective the Krulius is trying to obtain. The cells hold no specific shape because not all aliens are humanoid, therefore a containment area built to contain only humanoid figures would be useless. These cells can be used to contain any sort of alien while the Krulius experiments on others to find out how they were defeated by Sarah Jane Smith. I think it is suitable for the audience because its not over complicated in design, but still gives off the mysterious atmosphere that will keep people intrigued.


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