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Title: Causing a Frenzy - Music Review

by Tara from Gloucestershire | in music & audio, journalism, articles


There was loads of great music on offer at this year's Bristol Harbour Festival, and one of the acts on offer was the natural crowd pleaser, Frenzy. The well known artist was a hit right from the start, and him and his band put on a confident performance, performing two of his most popular songs. Although he was confident he came across as a bit pretentious, showing off his six-pack at least twice during his act. His main song, 'could you be my girl', attracted a sizeable crowd and his reaction from the crowd was certainly a positive one. His R&B styled music was in no way original but still appealed to the mass of Bristolian teenagers. The basis of the music was made up of synthesizers and drums, and he himself just sang. Overall it was an average, yet disappointing performance from just another predictable R&B act. 4\10

By Tara and Dan.

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A short review of the R&B artist 'Frenzy' and his performance at the Bristol Harbor Festival 2010.


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